Want the latest in high street fashion? MWCC are currently taking pre orders for our limited edition ‘The Business’ jersey which exudes quality and professionalism. With style cues from fashion icons and a design that isn’t your typical club jersey, what else would you expect from MWCC? Don’t be left behind and miss your opportunity to be seen in the latest MWCC offering.

Want to look smart on the bike without the usual look of a cycling club jersey? Fashion icons such as Steve McQueen, James Bond and David Gandy have always shown a classic and timeless look in their Prince of Wales Check suits.

Steve McQueen

MWCC have taken this and updated it with modern tastes and demands to present the MWCC ‘Business’ jersey. With the modern high visibility quirks of the neon yellow and orange, combined with the traditional sky blue and navy, this jersey epitomises both style while maintaining its MWCC heritage with minimal sponsor logos.
 The Business
 Please note that the yellow and orange are both a bright neon colour.
This jersey is perfect for the casual weekend roll or for the ride into the city on your weekday commute to the corridors of power. A strictly limited edition print of jerseys will be produced to reflect the exclusivity and uniqueness of the jersey. Like a well made suit, this isn’t designed for racing and will not be registered for racing.
  Prince of Wales
So like putting on a Zegna sports coat for that Saturday evening dinner, one would put this on when heading out for a group ride with friends to show that they consider this interaction important and they are showing respect to the group.
 The Business
Remember you aren’t a businessman – in this jersey ; you are the business, man.
This jersey has been designed to be worn with our current bibs. Preorders have closed and we will have limited stock available for sale in mid June.
Online store: Closed.
 Now get to work!