The Best Crossers Oz has to offer!

Here is your chance to take part in the inaugural Cycling Australia National Series Cyclocross Series. You don’t have to be an elite rider to race the course, you don’t need to have a cyclo cross specific bike to get around the course, heck you don’t even have to be an adult to race this series!

The Cyclocross weekend will have races for the Elite Riders along with your Average Joe, who wants to have a crack at the course and compare themselves to the best that Australia has to offer. How many times have you been sitting on the couch watching a cycling race and yelled out -‘ he should just attack now’, ‘it doesn’t look like they are going that hard’. Well now is your chance to put your words into action!

Ride on the same course, as the elite riders in your own race. Compare times, compare dismounts and see how you measure up against your mates.

Cyclocross is all about having fun and mixing things up, there will be a beer tent, sponsors tents and products on show. Thinking that you can’t race because you don’t have a cyclocross bike – don’t worry the course and non elite race can be raced on any type of bike that you want – whether it be a roadie, mountain bike or even a fixie. Then at the end of the weekend there will even be a cyclocross bike given away thanks to Focus.

Due to its all inclusive style we will have a kids race on a small section of the course, so time to live your dreams through your children and get them to pull off the trainer wheels and give it a go, although a balance bike might be a fast way to work on the dismount speed.

Check out the follow link with all the details –

Racing will be over two days. See you at the start line.


  1. Rob

    Here’s who has signed up for Elite races so far from MWCC/MTB
    Nick Both
    Mike Blewitt (Soft option Saturday only)
    Carl Fokkema
    Sean Couley (Sat only)
    John Miller
    Dave Watkinson
    Mike Sumner (Sunday)

  2. Sean

    Rob, I’ve entered both days but I assume yo have already penned in that I will be bumped down to B grade after Saturday?

  3. Carl

    Can’t wait. Adelaide and Melbourne are distant memories.
    Rob your not racing Elite? What’s Mike’s excuse?

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