The temperature turned itself up in Adelaide today, a perfect day for plenty of climbing for the Manly boys with Justin Roscoe putting in a monsterous amount of work.

It was day three of the tour and there were some tired legs in the bunch, after an earlier start than usual the peloton was moving well out of the city, at the first feed station a small group of Manly riders took the opportunity to attack the bunch and gain some time on their rivals. In this threatening bunch was Justin Roscoe and Queen of the Mountains Rebecca Snell.

WP_000075 (4)

Roscoe just set his wattage on high and then just drive the train like an out of control locomotive. He didn’t look around, he didn’t look back and he never asked for help. He just wanted to sit on the front and grind his way along. This suited Antoni Mikac well, as he was more than happy to act like a conjoined twin and just sit on Roscoe hip all day, without ever actually feeling the wind. Michael Cole had overcome his tired legs of stage two and was also doing a lot of damage up front while the time gap to the main contenders continued to increase.

WP_000072 (3)

In fact it was Coca Cole who would take the KOM on the Corkscrew, although the fastest time would later go to Schleck. The early break away, was eventually reeled in before Stirling. The riders settled in for the day at Stirling to watch the riders complete their multiple loops. It was then a fast trip home although by the end a few riders may have felt like the rider in the main photo – names have been withheld.

Another 130km in the legs and just over 2000m of climbing in the day.