With so many of the clubs riders heading over to the TDU, I thought it would be worth advising of the the rides a number of our members will be heading out on.

Former Club President, Mike Foster has organised some legendary trips in this past and his knowledge of the local rides is almost unrivalled. Flying Fozzy Tours are the stuff of both urban legend and folklore within the club. The last few years the attention has turned to the TDU as the hype as increased with our own UCI tour.

If you are interested in coming along on the day and both riding and watching the race, along with stops at the best known cafes then these maps will be of some assistance. These rides will often have riders travelling out to part of the course, watching the race come by and then travelling along for a few more kilometres. There will be a few of our own KOM and sprint points along the way, so there may be sections that have a number of egos on the line.

Riders can come for all or part of a days ride.

TDU 2012 002

Prologue –

This is the Champion System Bunch Ride – our clothing supplier.

Monday 21 January, 2013

Time: 6:30am

Leaving from Watermark Hotel, Glenelg

Ride: Unknown.

Stage 1 FFT

We leave  outside the Medina Apartments (2 Flinders Street, Adelaide) at 8.30am every morning in Flinders St and go for a coffee in the general direction we are heading first up,  then off on various rides.


Stage 2 FFT


Stage 3 FFT


Stage 4 FFT


Stage 5 FFT


If you are on twitter – it would be worth following @mwcycleclub for any daily updates to the rides and other activities.

TDU 2012 030

If you have any other ride plans and are looking for some company, let us know and we will put the word out.