Manly Warringah CC is proud to announce that we have chosen TAD Freedom Wheels as our nominated charity. Freedom Wheels is all about giving children with a disability personalised bicycles to give them the freedom to ride, so they can enjoy the freedom that we all do when out on the bike.

TAD changes the lives of people living with a disability by providing personalised equipment, technology and services. TAD’s Freedom Wheels Bikes enable children with disabilities to ride a bike when it was never thought possible. Many of these children cannot walk but they can ride. We want to allow more children to experience this pleasure and with one of the club’s stated aims about increasing participation, what better way than providing for those who otherwise would have missed out.

Through a number of our events such as The Wall and Mini Wall, we will fundraise specifically for TAD Freedom Wheels and we hope that through this we will be able to give more children the joy of going out for a pedal. Not only will they get the thrill of riding but also that sense of inclusion and enjoyment that you get when being able to participate in an activity with other children.


Some of our members are also participating in the Chain Reaction Corporate Bike Challenge which will be raising money for TAD Freedom Wheels.

The story of Aylin is something that shows the power of Freedom Wheels and why we are proud to have this as our nominated charity.

Aylin can now ride with her brothers in the park!

Six year old Aylin loves the outdoors and interacting with other kids. She is living with Angelman syndrome which affects her physical and mental development.

Her two brothers love to ride their bikes to the park and the family always wished Aylin could join in with her brothers.

Now, with her Freedom Wheels bike, she can!


The benefits to Aylin have been enormous and her family are now trying to teach her how to walk. Aylin currently kicks both legs forward and bum shuffles to get around. She struggles with isolating movements to separate arms and legs.

“The Freedom Wheels bike is actually teaching her the motion of one leg at a time with pedalling, which hopefully will help her get the concept of walking,” says Elvan, Aylin’s mum

You can read more about the fantastic work that TAD Freedom Wheels does at their website.