The Friday night summer series has come to a close and any race report is secondary to saying thanks to Richard Measures and all of our volunteers over the series. This team has turned up every week to run a first class series and they embody the true selflessness of a super domestique. We look forward to hosting you again on the morning of Good Friday , 25 March.

Drastic has put together this report but what is missing from this is the front light of Tim O’Halloran. The light was passed around from backpack to backpack like some refugee on the night but it never made it back to Tims bike. If it ended up in your bag, we would love to put the light in touch with Tim.

A+ Grade

Just four in the elites and I did agree to something about an A grade handicap on the start line but then promptly forgot about it during the race. The Mobius boys Pete and Naz worked over and dropped their two colleagues then caught and passed the main A grade bunch. Pete took the win, I assume by prior agreement, given all the work he has been doing for Naz at Hefron. Naz appears to not bother with training and just races 3 times a week, there could be a model here for others to follow.

1st Peter Livingstone, DHBC
2nd Alex Nazareicz, MWCC

Final Points Score
Peter Livingstone 29
Alex Nazarewicz 27
Marcus Culey 15

Final HART 3

A- Grade
Brad Hamblett was aggressive early but most of the bunch held on for a mass crack at the Prime taken out narrowly by Phil Gray. At this point any dream Chris Taylor had of winning the series, evaporated quicker than a free Friday night beer, when the pace at the prime had him pulling off to the kids training session. Coxy then tried his luck in a solo break but the bunch weren’t going to let him go this time. When the Elites came past Brad and Conor were the only ones who could follow and they quickly built a big gap for an easy win. Phil Gray again showed his lunging skills in taking the bunch sprint from Scott Austin by the width of a tyre.

1st Brad Hamblett, Bicisport
2nd Conor Tarlington, Bicisport
3rd Phil Gray, MWCC
4th Scott Austin, MWCC
5th Dave Munro, Bicisport
Prime Phil Gray, MWCC

Final Points Score
Conor Tarlington 17
Brad Hamblett 16
Evan Snow 15
Ian Cocks 15

Final HART 2

B Grade
B grade was another cagey affair. Nic Millet got into a two man break with Phil Lucas and took the Prime. Lee Watts bridged across but the leaders slowed and it all came back together again as they slowed some more to be overtaken by A grade. Eventually it came down to a bunch sprint with Phil proving the strongest down the straight.

1st Phillip Lucas, MWCC
2nd Michael Berriman, MWCC
3rd Jamie White, Peloton
4th David Ledger, Warratahs
5th Rohan Douglas, NSCC
Prime Nic Millet, MWCC

Final Points score
Jack Renshaw 25
Jamie White 20
Rohan Douglas 20

Final HART 1

C Grade
This was going to be the mother of all battles with 3 riders locked together on equal points at the top of the point ladder. Kevin Hazeldine, the next strongest rider of the series, took advantage of the leaders marking each other and set off on his own to pick up the Prime. Eventually the rest gave chase and it became a real quick, quick, slow affair. Brothers Ben and Zac Dawtrey yo-yoed off the back as the pace varied. It all got a bit confusing at the bell as Kevin escaped with Matt Robinson only for the others to ride the A draft back on. David Hampton was first over the line to take the points win but the first three were relegated two positions for illegal drafting.
1st Kevin Hazeldine, MWCC
2nd Matt Robinson, MWCC
3rd David Hampton, MWCC
4th Jeff Tam, Parramatta
5th David Lavery, MWCC
Prime Kevin Hazeldine, MWCC

Points score
David Hampton 27
Jeff Tam 26
David Lavery 25
Kevin Hazeldine 21
Matt Robinson 17

Final HART 4

Special kudos to David Hampton and Jeff Tam for turning up on all 6 Fridays and thanks to Andrew Pickering for giving up his chance of A grade glory to marshal for the last race of the series. Next race is Good Friday morning then we’ll start again in October.

We are looking at a 7am start because we have to be off the track by 8am on Good Friday, we will post more details when it gets closer.

All the are photos by Riding Focus and there is a treasure trove of photos of all the riders at: