With the longer summer nights and warmer days, it is a chance to get out during the evening for some mid week racing action. With daylight saving it allows riders the opportunity to race multiple times during the week thanks to certain clubs hosting events throughout the week, racing isn’t just for weekends. In this blog entry, we highlight some of the mid week options for riders to pin on a number and work up a sweat.

An alternative to those 5am starts in the summer sees some of our riders taking on criteriums at Heffron Park on Tuesday nights, Newington Armoury on Thursday nights and even Wyong for Central Coast or Sutherland for Friday night racing. Local photographers, Riding Focus and Beardy McBeard, are often in attendance and the Manly jersey really stands out in a crowd. Rob Parbery has been using his MTB skills to stay ahead on the tight circuit at Newington on a Thursday evening which is run by Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club.


By the time you’ve ridden home to Manly, a round trip of 80-100km, you’ve earned a beer and a lie in the next morning. John Ward has been flying recently with a podium placing followed by a near miss last lap break being caught in the final metres at Heffron Park on a Tuesday night with his exploits in C Grade, which may earn him a promotion to B Grade in the new year.

Many stronger riders struggle with the large bunches and high corner speeds of criterium races and fortune rewards the brave. It is certainly something that takes a bit of getting used to and Manly rider John Miller has been involved in some great team riding in the handicaps and has been rewarded sharing the podium with World Champion Jackson Law! Heffron Park has been the breeding ground for many a professional cyclist and they like to proclaim – if you can win at Heffron, you can win anywhere!

Jono Cridland posted this interesting Heffron clip of his race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1dQwifXrW4&feature=youtu.be

Criterium racing is a great opportunity to improve your bike handling and confidence with many of the races having the riders riding shoulder to shoulder. However always remember your limits and that everyone wants to get home safely without a lift in an ambulance. Courses such as Heffron Park require numerous turns and the surface can be a little bumpy, some consider it our own Paris Roubaix. So it is a different style of riding that many are use to.


Its never to late to have a go, as Roger Shackleton proves each week riding with guys, 50 years his junior. Roger continues to roll turns and find himself in winning breaks, which can often show that it isn’t the strongest but the smartest who find themselves on the podium.

So we hope to see you out during the week, representing MWCC and enjoying the racing.hef3

Midweek racing:

Monday Night: Penrith Regatta Centre run by Penrith Cycling Club

Tuesday Night: Heffron Park 6pm Handicap run by Eastern Suburbs

Tuesday Night: Eastern Creek Raceway run by Marconi Cycling Club

Wednesday Night: Dunc Gray Track Racing run by Bankstown

Thursday Night: Newington Armoury Crit run by Lidcombe Auburn

Friday Night: Wyong Crit Racing run by Central Coast

Friday Night: Sutherland Crit run by Sutherland Cycling Club.

All of these races require you to have a current 2014 or 2015 Gold Racing Licence. Day licences are not available. All members should be riding in their MWCC club jersey. For more information please see the various websites of the hosting clubs.