The first round of our Subaru Active Summer Mountain Bike Short Track is CANCELLED. With following rounds on the second Wednesday of every month through to March. This year the racing moves to JJ Melbourne Memorial Hills Reserve Terrey Hills. There are plenty of grades and the course is suitable for all mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes.

You must enter online to be eligible for series points.  Online entries are available hereIf you require a day license you MUST enter online.

Online entry for Adults will be $10 (+ MTBA Day Licence for non MTBA Race licence holders)
Online entry for U15 riders is free (+ MTBA Day Licence for non MTBA Race licence holders)

Entries will be available on the day for $15 and no day licenses will be available


The December race also now takes in the famous Crossmas Cup, a race for cyclo cross bikes that has been going for a number of years now.

With a change in venue away from the St Ives mini track, the new venue of JJ Melbourne Memorial Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills will add a new element to the short course racing. This is a great form of mid week racing.

4:30 Course Set up
5:30    Registration Open & Course available for practice
6:00    C Grade Men & Women / U15 Boys & Girls
6:20 B Grade Men / A&B Grade Women
6:45   A Grade Men

Series Points
5 Points for Entering
+4 1st Place
+2 2nd Place
+1 3rd Place

Bonus Points (to be eligible for these you must volunteer before hand email
+1 Course Set-up/Tear down
+1 Timing
+1 Registration