Looking to know who you have to beat in order to finish 2014 a winner? With the fields having already sold out, this is a chance to have a look at your competition and work out your tactics. There will be plenty of MWCC jerseys amongst each of the pelotons, so it will be interesting to see the tactics play out. No entries will be accepted on the day and no more entries are being taken. These are the final fields for 2014. Good luck to all riders.

A Elite 7:20am start

Simon Coughlan MWCC
Tim Curry MTBA
Paul Edelstein Sydney
Dave Evans MWCC
Shaun Falzarano MWCC
Nick Gatland MWCC
Phillip Gray MWCC
Brad Hamblett MWCC
Connor Hughes SUVelo
Michael Jaeger Peloton
Anthony Lowes MWCC
Harrison Morgan NSCC
Craig Morreski Kooragang
David Munro MWCC
Cameron Peterson Peloton
Tom Petty SUVelo
Andrew Pickering MWCC
Jake Potgieter Peloton
Matt Rozyn MWCC
Dan Scheiner MWCC
Ashley Stapley NSCC
Christopher Taylor MWCC


Looking at the Elite field the main contenders will be Michael Jaeger and Cam Peterson, this duo has dominated in previous months. Matt Rozyn is in top form for MWCC and may look to work with Anthony Lowe from MWCC. Chris Taylor is clearly out of his league and will be hoping to make the turn off.

A Club 7:25am start

Alan Bransdon Sydney
Col Carrigan MWCC
Rhys Comley SUVelo
Peter Coull SUVelo
Rowan Drummond LACC
Andrew Fell Parramatta
Andrew Finlayson Parramatta
James Gilmore LACC
Jeremy Hopson MWCC
Wesley Hurrell Parramatta
Moe Kanj
Michael Kurnik Dulwich Hill
Jon Leighton NSCC
Simon Lempiere MWCC
Blair Martin MWCC
Will Mclaren MWCC
Edward Parker LACC
Adam Socha Bici sport
Matt Taylor RBCC
Nathan Varnish
Paul Williams St George
David Yonge MWCC


Plenty of potential winners in this grade. While Blair Martin makes the return to racing and will be competitive, there are plenty of riders who are returning from the Tour of Bright in fine form. Dave Yonge and Simon Lempiere along with Col Carrigan showed strong form at Bright, while Alan Bransdon (SUVelo) will be hoping it comes down to a sprint.

B Grade Shimano 7:30am start

Scott Austin MWCC
Lynne Clarke MWCC
Guy Clarke MWCC
Michael Collings Peloton
Andrew Cooper MWCC
Campbell Hanson MWCC
David Haynes MWCC
Jonathan Herb MWCC
Joe Hooper SUVelo
Greg Linsdell MWCC
Josephine Meldgaard SUVelo
Daniel Newman NSCC
Gareth Newton MWCC
Peter O’Connor Easts
Jeremy Peacock MWCC
John Pham Bankstown
Francesco Piazzoni MWCC
Karl Rupp NSCC
David Ruston
Andrew Thomas MWCC
Andre Thorneloe MWCC
Miro Vadovicky MWCC


While this field is heavily dominated by MWCC with close to 75% of the field, i think the danger will come from other riders such as Michael Collings of Peloton and Peter O’Connor of Easts. Will Lynne Clarke (MWCC) or Josephine Meldgaard (SUVelo) upset the field as they fine tune for Nationals?

B Grade SRAM 7:35am start

Nicholas Bailly MWCC
Geraldine Blomfield-Brown Waratahs
Garry Canton Marconi
Andrew Crawford MWCC
Jeff Dhu NSCC
Justin Diddams MWCC
Cam Dinnie MWCC
Sholto Douglas NSCC
Andrew Duggan SUVelo
Dan Galloway MWCC
Tony Giugni MWCC
Brent Goddard MWCC
Adam Hartard MWCC
Andrew Hellmich CCCC
David Jacobs Marconi
Alexis Kaless MWCC
Jerry Kalogeropoulos NSCC
Harry Mackay Marconi
Sara Mills
Carl Piesse MWCC
Stuart Robertson NSCC
Anthony Tononcelli Marconi

Another strong B Grade field, lets just hope it doesn’t become a snooze fest with every just covering every move and waiting until the inevitable sprint finish. Looking at the field, Andrew Duggan of SUVelo could be an outsider, does Cam Dinnie have the form at present? Andy Hellmich showed fine form at Beaumont Road last week but this course has hills.


C Grade Prestige 7:40am start

Robert Bolger Waratahs
Alex Campbell SUVelo
Jesse Downer MWCC
Mike Ellott MWCC
Adam Fahey Waratahs
Nick Hardcastle Peloton
Kevin Hazeldine MWCC
Chris Hodgkinson MWCC
Alan Hurdle SCC
David Jaggers MWCC
Kane Kennett CCCC
Charley Leighton NSCC
Gareth Lloyd SUVelo
Alexander Moody
Jason Pitkeathly MWCC
Mark Redimerio LACC
Peter Robertson Harlequin
Richard Sams MWCC
Mark Steele CCCC
Michael Tamaddoni SUVelo
Chris Wildman MWCC
John Wright MWCC


I think that Kevin Hazeldine of MWCC is due to take the top step in this battle. Who is going to stop him? Nick Hardcastle of Peloton will put in a strong effort and maybe Chris Wildman. However I think Kevin would be my pick of the day.

C Hubbard 7:45am start – NEUTRAL CLIMB

Mathew Ashton MWCC
Brett Babicci MWCC
Fergus Bermingham MWCC
Jim Buda MWCC
Sean Couley MWCC
Stephen Dowdell Hunter
Mary Fien MWCC
Adam Gilbert CCCC
Martin Hector MWCC
Terry Hunt CCCC
Kurt Hunziker MWCC
Victoria McNeill Peloton
Lana Moy MWCC
Angela Smith Peloton
Abby Sneddon Suvelo
Evan Snow MWCC
Slobodan Stancevic MWCC
Milan Uzelac MWCC
Simon Welfare MWCC
Chris Yeomans NSCC

Evan Snow is lucky that there is no room to move him up a grade, because he is kidding if he honestly thinks he is C Hubbard standard. I think he will be battling it out with Milan Uzelac and Brett Babicci for riders who are helping to bring the standard of C Hubbard up.


D Grade 7:50am – NEUTRAL CLIMB

Chris Barker MWCC
Danny Builth-Snoad MWCC
David Collins MWCC
Simon Douglas-Roberts MWCC
Tim Emmerson MWCC
Ella Falzarano MWCC
Natalie Fraser MWCC
Adam Gilbert CCCC
Glenn Gorman Marconi
James Gray LACC
Simon Kane MWCC
Sally Kellaway SUVelo
Camilla Larsen Peloton
Ramesh Sathiah MWCC
Graham Sheppard MWCC
Forde Smith Sydney
Adam Sutton MWCC
Matt Teffer DHBC
David White MWCC
Craig Wotherspoon MWCC

I think this could be an interesting race and I would like to think that Angela Smith of Peloton and Ella Falzarano are going to put a number of riders into the hurt box on Sunday and I think if they attack this field that we will see a number of explosions and one of the ladies on the top step of the podium.

We look forward to seeing all riders on Sunday, please sign in a minimum of 10 minutes before your race start down at the Akuna Bay Marina car park. Sign on is open from 7am.

All podium getters will also be paid from last month at this race.

Remember don’t litter the course, there are real toilets at the marina and we encourage all riders to wear their club jerseys.