Now the riding gets serious in the high mountains of West Head. This is where Series are won and lost. There are no free stages at West Head, no easy wins and so this Sunday riders will race for the glory of a West Head Stage, it can be career defining. Contracts for future careers are negotiated on the back of these races. There is more than free coffee on offer.

The start lists for the various grades are listed below. We will accept riders in A Grade and D Grade on the day. B and C Grade are fully subscribed. A Grade is restricted to riders in the Battle of the Bridge, while D Grade is a one lap event open to all riders and clubs. All riders and spectators will have access to a free coffee cart at the sign on desk for both pre and post race beverages.

Riders entering on the day will need to pay the $25 entry on the line.

A Grade is showing a depleted SUVelo who seem to be living off their glory of stage one, if Chris Miller can be marked out of the race, then it could be a bare cupboard for SUVelo at the end of the race. NSCC have certainly stepped it up for this race, most likely still living off the euphoria of last week. With Justin ‘Mad Dog’ Morris pinning on a number, he will be looking to work with Michael Potter and Jack Renshaw – is this the renaissance of NSCC racing? They have plenty of cards to play.



Tom Alexander
Ben Decreuse
Matthew Dinham
Cam Dinnie
Michael Ferguson
Chris Ferguson
Campbell Hanson
Ben Johnston
Will Mclaren
Philip Taaffe


Angus Calder
Stuart Grieve
Tai Huynh
Justin Morris
Daniel Newman
Michael Potter
Jack Renshaw


Mathieu Bremaud
Sebastian Meyer


Tim Curry
Christopher Miller

A Grade riders in Central Coast and Eastern Suburbs: Not Applicable

It is a full house in B Grade with numerous cards and options to be played out across all of the clubs, while NSCC had a party at Beaumont Road it is both MWCC and SUVelo who are fielding some very strong options in this division and regularl MWCC group rider Ben Daley of SUVelo may look to go one step higher than his second place in round one. However I think Central Coast will be looking for their first points of the series through the Hey family, with both more than capable of taking line honours.



Lincoln Hey
Phillip Hey


Darragh Larkin


Scott Austin
Jason Boon
Rhys Comley
Mitchell Dixon
Alexis Kaless
Nicholas Martin
Andrew O’Neill
Chris Payne
Ed Shilland
Chris Taylor
Michael Williams
David Yonge


Gary Davidson
Andrew Logan
Dave O’Connell
Michael Ong
Bill Patterson
Craig Stevens
Jason Thomas


Antoine Gizardin
Jaxon Italiano
Dave Jackson
Daniele Vanolini


George Bryan
Dylan Buckley
Ben Daley
Mitch Dean
Andrew Duggan
Rob Even
Stuart Hamilton
Paraic Hogan
David Lloyd
Jesse Morley
Kris Sostaric
Mitchell Wales
Steven William

The C Grade field may have stuck together in the last round, but for this round the experts are predicting, carnage in this field with it more than likely to be shrunk down by the time it reaches the finish line. Declan Jones of RBCC has been very consistent in the first two rounds and while he is yet to collect a win, he will be all chips in for this round. The bookings also like the look of Minh Dinh of NSCC because it won’t be long before he is mixing it in with the B Graders.



Tony Barbaro
Cameron Butchart
Greg Carmody
Mark Hardy
Daniel Jones
Joel Lancaster
Richard Measures
Eric Miller
Clinton Scott
David Washbrook
Simon Welfare
Chris Wildman


Peter Beaumont
Minh Dinh
Tim Fitzpatrick
Angus Pearson
Michael Whittingham


Peter Chen
Jeff Coulton
Declan Jones
Ian Ross
Peter Sharman


Maddison Beevors
Stephen Bennett
Jennifer Darmody
Brendan Hancox
Alex Lowe
Brett McLeod
Jonathon Moore

Central Coast and Easts – Not Applicable.

It is great to see so many D Graders signed on for the one lap dash of West Head. This is an open grade and open to all clubs. We will still take more entries in the morning for this division.

Deb Ainslie
Nelson Aston
Samantha Boyce
Lachlan Burrows
Stephen Busuttil
Henry Davison
Aerin Dinham
Antonio Dormio
Sue Henry
Isabella Kristensen
William Mace-Smith
Ruth-Anne Marchant
Anna Murray
Cameron Osborne
Henry Paton
Lucy Robinson
Nandika Samarawickrama