Start Lists – 13 March West Head

It looks to be a solid day of racing this Sunday at west Head. With all grades bursting at the seams. It will mean that a number of riders will have to chance their fortune during the race with some long range attacks unless they want to run a hail mary and leave it till the final sprint. Grades are listed below.

Please note that the entries system took too many in B Altitude and so we have simply pushed some riders down into B Smartline. Same distance, same category, we did this based on the order of entries received. Bring the pain!


What are you going to do with your race winnings?

A Elite 7:25am

Scott Austin
Aaron Bicknell
Bill Bolton
Tom Bolton
Tristan Cardew
Luke Cruickshank
Marcus Culey – Previous Months Champion
Tim Curry
Paul Edelstein
Glen Elton
Shaun Falzarano
Tim Frankcombe
Enrico Gaoni
Phillip Gray
David Grech
Alastair Hirsch
Jeremy Hopson
Sam Iremonger
Cameron Judson
Moe Kanj
Jake Kauffmann
Lucas Laxale
peter livingstone
Anthony Lowes
Andy Matthews
Andrew McCosker
Harrison Morgan
Alex Nazerwicz
John Peppard
Francesco Piazzoni
andrew pickering
Jake Potgieter
Rob Redpath
Daniel Roberts-Clarke
Matthew Rozyn
Daniel Scheiner
Conor Tarlington
Christopher Taylor
Scott Thompson
Robbie Webb

A Grade Dreamers 7:30am
Nick Abrahams
Chris Blomfield-Brown
Angus Calder
Colin Carrigan
Garry Chapman
Ian Cocks
Michael Collings
Peter Coull
Matthew Coy
William Craddock
Edward Dockrill
matt ghanivand
James Gilmore
Stuart M Grieve
Beau Heath
Andrew Hellmich
Neil Kerr
John Law
Rowan Lean
Peter Livane
Andrew Logan
Richard Measures
David O’Connell
Peter Oconnor
Gavin Peacock
Mark Russell
Gareth Rydon
Shariff Shockair
Justin Slade
Brendan Tree
Mitchell Wheatley
Dave Yonge

B Altitude 
Chris Barker
Greg Barnes
Alex Bentley
Michael Berriman
Nic Buchanan
Clive Cooper
Richard Costello
Sean Couley
Michael Courtney
Rohan Douglas
Jesse Downer
Alexander Fletcher
Stewart Graham
Adam Hartard
Evan Haugh
Paul Jackson
Marcus Judge
David Ledger
Mark Long
Steve Lupton
Sean McGinty
Peter Mcswiggan
Michael Meryment
Mark O Donnell
Paul O’Doherty
richard Pettigrew
John Pham
Jason Pitkeathly
Jack Renshaw
Nicolas Rivers
Alexander Thorpe
Amy Vesty
Ryan Visser
Tim Walkington

B Smartline
Tom Alexander
Mick Baber
nicholas bailly
Geraldine Blomfield-Brown
Andrew Crawford
Roger Cull
Emily Cunningham
Monica Dalidowicz
Gary Davidson
Justin Diddams
Mitch Dixon
Ethan Dowling
Chris Evans
Dan Galloway
James Goard
Stuart Hamilton
Kevin Hazeldine
Andrew Hellmich (TBC)
Andrew Hellmich (TBC)
Phil Herborn
Tony Holland
David Jacobs
Daniel Kennedy
Craig Knott
Nic Millett
Tim Mornane
Paul Picone-Murray
Peter Robertson
Richard Sansom
Edward Shilland
Calvin Smith
Julian Townsend
Dave Watkinson

C Grade
Tim Aldham
Scott Ashton
Simon Bolton
Stephen Brown
Paul Curgenven
Stephen Davies
Steve Dawkins
Eric Dole
Colin Edmonds
Mike Ellott
Toby Farrow
Chris Fowler
Andrew Gardner
Louise Hayden-Brown
Chris Hodgkinson
Scott Kesteven
Klaudia Locker
David Meacham
Josephine Meldgaard
Matthew Robinson
Grant Roe
Tony rubenstein
Bosco Ryan
Donald Semken
Deon Taylor
Robin Vandekreeke
Simon Welfare
Michael Williams
Steven Williams
John Wright
Mingda Xu

C Grade Coffee Riders
Philip austin
Chris Dale
Ben Dawtrey
Zac Dawtrey
Paul Du-Crest
Phil Dunne
Tim Emmerson
David Gardner
Stephen Hain
Givanna Haryono Putri
David Heard
David Jaggers
Harrison Jones
Simon Kane
Grant Kepler
Paul Kilbane
Deborah Makin
Paul McCutcheon
Troy McDonald
Lewis O’Brien
Stephen Phillips
Robert Quinn
graham sheppard
Kate Skinner
Mark Thomas
Mark Young

Good luck all riders. Sign on from 7am at the Elvina Walking Track Carpark.



  1. Penny

    Hello. I’m a Sydney CC member. I’ve signed up but all grades are sold out. How do I indicate that I’d like to do c grade coffee riders if a spot should become available? First timer at this race – keen to give it a go. 🙂

  2. mwcc

    Penny, Head over to and enter via the waitlist.

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