With many of the MWCC and Hampton Cycles boys having departed on earlier flights, today was a reasonably easy day for those that stayed behind. Our on the grounds reporters – Chris Hedley and Brad Ward give us a taste of what it is like to live their lives.

A multi loop event (90km) around North Adelaide would determine the winner of the 2013 tour. Antoni Mikac and Brad decided to ditch the bikes for a leisurely drive into the city, thus saving themselves for the bike packing and flight home. Evan Snow was also in the crowd somewhere, although from sms message history, he spent most of the day in the park adjacent to the food tents (just sayin’).

Chris Hedley reports from the team sofa –

Maria & I decided to do the beautiful ride out to Henley before catching up with the pros today.  The Henley ride is 35km of awesome car-free bike-track, a road bike singletrack with smooth flowing undulations, ups, downs and a spectacular beachfront finish.  Don’t be lulled by the “it’s only a bike track and 17km long” nonsense.  It’s a fantastic and fun easy ride.  Get to the end and if you haven’t got a smile on your face you’re wired up wrong.  Recommendation: Do it the next time you are there.

Anyway I digress.  A quick coffee at Joe’s Kiosk and we head back for the fun in the.. erm.. big smoke .

Adelaide Crit

The Pros race was spectacular,  however we were both really hungry so frankly after lap four the baked potato was more spectacular.

Fuelled by the baked potato we struggled to the awards ceremony.  The fireworks for Tom Slagter’s well-deserved win didn’t quite compare with the Harbour Bridge fireworks at New Years Eve, however the crowd made up for any shortfall.  Ahem.

That concludes our wrap up from the Tour Down Under. Special thanks must go to Mike Foster and Jarrod Crosby for organising most of the daily rides for the riders.

Now back to Coast and Toast….