Stage 1 – Calga Time Trial Club Champs 2nd June

Have you ever wondered what was in the case in Pulp Fiction? It can now be revealed as…. the 2013 MWCC Club Champion jerseys. The day of reckoning and the path of the righteous man for 2013 has come and round one rolls out on the second of June at Calga.

 The race of truth will see the commencement of the four rounds for our club champs battle for 2013. As per 2012 we will have an overall Club Champion, a Masters Champion that is open to all of those over 40 years, Womens Champion, Junior Champion as well as B,C and D grade Champions. If you choose to accept this mission and are successful, you will be awarded a coveted gold striped club jersey. These are not available to the general public.

Calga Map

 This is your chance to get an early lead in your grade and the series, with no lead out man, no team mates – just you, your bike and your mind doing battle. If you are racing in A or B Grade then you are to enter the 43km event. If you are racing in C,D or Womens or juniors then you are to do the 25km event. Location :- Cnr Peats Ridge Rd and Jones Rd, Calga.

 Looking through recent results, a number of riders from various grades have been up there testing themselves – will they have an advantage on the day? Who will be the fastest rider in the various grades? Will Norbert Gerold be the fastest B Grader again?

Jake Champion

 MWCC rider Jake Kauffman holds the overall record on the course with a blistering 56:36 over the 43km course. He is also wearing a 2012 Champions Jersey in that photo above.

 Last years results for the time trial can be found on the following link –

 Sign on is available from 7am with the first rider leaving the start gate at 8am. Riders are then released at 1 minute intervals. If you want an early start time, get there close to 7am, if you want a late start time – get there closer to 8am.

While the 43km course as shown in the graph is a rolling terrain, for stronger riders there is no need to get out of the big chain ring, perhaps with the exception of Blood Hill

Calga 43

The 25km course has a rolling start before a quick return, which is usually 2-3 minutes quicker than the way out. So once you turn around, riders put it in the 11 cog and head for home.

Calga 25

 Entry is $20 There is no need to have a licence have ATTA events.

 The time trial is held regardless of the weather conditions.

 Round two of the series will be the following week at the MWCC Akuna West Head Road Race.

 Please note that MWCC are not the official organisers of this round – this event is run and hosted by ATTA, we are simple doing the bandit on the event. Therefore any series related questions should be directed to MWCC organisers, because the ATTA guys will have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. SUVelo will also be up there on the day, so if you want an early start time from the gate house, I would get there early.


  1. chris greaves

    Hi Guys,
    Nice to see your c’ship event will be held at ATTA, however, just one correction – entry fee is $20 for licensed riders – we have inescapable overheads inc. traffic controllers for the turn at Peats Ridge, by Highway Patrol directives.


    Chris Greaves – director ATTA NSW

  2. Results

    The early riders set off on wet roads but relatively dry conditions. The weather generally worsened and those riders still on course after 9:30 where faced with a consistent down pour from the sky. Well done to all riders who faced the miserable conditions for Round 1.

    Oli Dharme-Ratne was the last rider off on the day and he was also the fastest, finishing in pouring rain – which all of the early riders would have missed.

    Oli finished with a 1:02:39 just ahead of Danny Wright in 1:02:51 in A Grade. Last years A Grade champion Jake Kauffman was a non starter due to racing commitments in Asia at the moment.

    New member Nick Gatland was third home in 1:05:59 and he now leads the Masters Over 40 Category. Second in the catgory is Richard Bjorkmann.

    Richard Bjorkmann leads the B Grade Category ahead of Lucas Laxale, who was an early favourite for the B Grade overall title.

    Gavin Peacock edged out Andrew Vize by 5 seconds in the 25km competition with a time of 40:21 and he will be leading C Grade into round 2. Peacock was unheralded coming into this round of the Championships.

    D Grade will be lead by Oliver Conick who posted a 43:14.

    Lynne Clarke with a PB of 42:32 was the fastest female on the day and she will now lead that category ahead of Martinette in 46:01.

  3. mitch

    Top work by the ATTA guys Chris and Paul. Slick event in trying weather and it ran like clockwork.

    Well done to the 6 manly riders getting PBs

  4. Lucas

    A big thanks should go out to the ATTA guys – braving that terrible weather so we can all race!

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