A fantastic morning of racing and an all new finish line brought a new level of super fast racing over the 3 laps which would crown Anthony Plumb as first across the line, Emma Heath and Alex Gardner as fastest female and male riders. Thanks to all riders, volunteers and sponsors for helping everyone get to the Gates of Pain.

It was a super fast morning of racing for all groups as riders covered the course in super quick times, in perfect racing conditions, under clear blue skies. At the start of the final lap, it was looking like scratch would make its way to the front of the race but as those riders started to look at each other and wonder who would do the work and who would save their legs, the rest of the race kept the accelerator on.

Groups three and four made the catch with a few kilometres to go, but they had little time to catch their breath before hitting the Wall and rather than simply race to the top, riders would crest the wall and then race to the top of the next climb.

The top five riders:


1st Anthony Plumb MWCC
2nd Maarten Holsboer MVCC
3rd Dylan George MWCC
4th Matt Taylor MWCC
5th Pedro Gomez RBCC

1st Emma Heath SCC

1st Alex Gardner HarlCC
2nd Mitch Dixon MWCC
3rd Sebastian Meyer RBCC

Thanks to the sponsors who provided a massive prize pool for the event and Smartline for the trophies. If you want to check out the full range of BMC bikes head into Cycle Spot for a look.

Marty Hector was the winner of The Body Mechanic bike fit.

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