Perfect spring conditions for our Mentor1 Road Race and this was confirmed with over 250 riders lining up across our nine grades. Our next race will be on October 18. Congratulatons to all of our podum getters and to our volunteers who ensured that the race ran smoothly. Full podium results below.

A Grade Women
1 Lotte Wilms, Sydney Uni Velo
2 Jessica Mitchell, Central Coast CC
3 Sarah Schneider, Peloton Sports

B Grade Women
1 Louise McKean, MWCC
2 Roberta Salvatori, Marconi CC

C Grade Women

1 Melanie Bennett, Manly Warringah CC
2 Cassandra Beccari, Manly Warringah CC
3 Emily Barlow, Manly Warringah CC

Elite men

1 Matthew Dinham, Manly Warringah CC
2 Marcus Culey, Northern Sydney CC
3 Dylan George, Manly Warringah CC

A Grade Masters

1 Benedikt Schneider, Peloton Sports
2 Timothy Clarsen, Manly Warringah CC
3 John Peppard, Eastern Suburbs CC

Masters 50+

1 Jordan Reizes, Bicisport
2 Michael Collings, Peloton Sports
3 Mark McInnes,St George CC

B1 Men
1 Brad Bannister, Manly Warringah CC
2 Benjamin Treble, Manly Warringah CC
3 Owain Matthews, Manly Warringah CC

B2 Men

1 Christopher Ludlam, Southern Cross CC
2 Adam Buttenshaw, Northern Sydney CC
3 Matt Hale, Sydney Uni Velo

C1 Men

1 Dai Jones    
2 Garth McInerney, Manly Warringah CC
3 Richard Mowbray, Manly Warringah CC

C2 Men

1 Joel Savage, Rapha CC Sydney
2 Olly Knowles, Sydney Uni Velo
3 Edward Quartly, Sydney Uni Velo

D Men

1 Victor Hong, Sydney Uni Velo
2 Jared Yan, Manly Warringah CC
3 Toby Jeffries, Manly Warringah CC

For a full race day gallery of pictures – CLICK HERE

Next race October 18.