Did you wake up on Christmas morning and find the presents under the tree a little disappointing?  Are your bibs becoming a bit see-through at the back? Lost weight since joining the club? Well this is your chance to get aboard the MWCC juggernaut for 2014. You will personally select, order and pay for your 2014 club kit. In order to do this, follow these simple steps

The Champion Systems website is – www.champ-sys.com.au

Check out the wardrobe of clothing options – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection on the left of the page you will see the tab for the accessories.

If you just want to order the basic jersey and bibs – then you just want to select the Edge Bib Shorts and Edge Jersey – your stitching will be white. Look at your old kit for your size, most of our old jerseys were in a ‘race cut’ this is printed on the inside of the collar. If you want your bibs to be slightly longer than normal, so they sit about an inch above the knee, select the additional leg length at check out.

 FINAL 2014 Bibs

This design shows the Razor Bibs

All of the clothing options are available to you! Yes the range is large, but in order to cater for everyone’s personal tastes it is easiest this way.

Sizing Chart – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-size-charts

Remember ladies, that you can have your club kit in a womens specific cut, which adds to the comfort level when out on your ride.

All our chamois were the endurance option last time round.

Once you have decided what you want –

Go to the CS Direct Login – http://custom.champ-sys.com.au/Login/en-AU/in.aspx

Our login is ‘mwcc’ our password is ‘mwcc’

If you need help ordering, check these videos here – http://champ-sys.com.au/csdtech

This order will close 31 January 2014. Delivery should be the second week of March 2014. There is a 5% charge to your order because we are utilising the direct order method. This means your order comes back in a bag individually addressed to you, saves me having to sort through 300 orders to find your bibs and jersey.

The club will NOT be taking individual orders – all orders are to be placed through Champion Systems.

When will our next order be? After this one closes off we will look to open another order in mid February.

What are my recommendations?

Having tried and owning most of the range, I would recommend the Razor Lite Jersey as the best jersey in the collection – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/cycling-jerseys/cs-razor-lite-short-sleeve-cycling-jersey.html I like the extra length in the sleeve and I think it is worth the additional dollars. It is designed to be a snug fit.

I would also recommend the Razor Bibs Shorts, with additional length in the leg, so that it finishes about 1 inch above the knee http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/bottoms/custom-cs-elite-bib.html

The new design has been based on the standard razor bibs and jersey being ordered.

The basic long sleeve jersey is probably the most worn piece of kit I have. Great for some sun protection and perfect for those slightly cooler mornings. This is the same fabric as a normal jersey, it isn’t fleece lined. I find this to be very versatile.


Skinsuits – I currently wear the summer suit – which is largely mesh, it is a little cooler and has the benefit of pockets http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/skinsuits/custom-criterium-mtb-skinsuit.html may go a traditional lycra one this time, just to add to the collection.

Accessories, one can not go past the wind vest http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/jackets/custom-windguard-wind-vest.html and I also find the lycra arm warmers http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/accessories/lycra-arm-warmers.html a good little accessory for when it is cool but not cold enough for the fleece arm warmers.

I will order my winter collection closer to winter. Enjoy your shopping!