The wrap up to the MWCC and the MWMTB cyclocross season for 2013, the last event and the inaugural NSW State Championships, was held at Lagoon Park Manly last Sunday. Under blue skies there was a big crowd on hand to cheer on the crossers as they did battle in downtown Manly. Our very own Dear Leader, President Jim Buda gives us the low down on the day.

The event was held in conjunction with Manly Council so there was the inevitable intersection of risk management assessments and CX obstacles that resolved themselves in the organised anarchy of the afternoon. One can not just map out a course and race.

The organisational tensions of the initial  culture clash resolved themselves pretty well as the Council slowly realised that Paul Craft our MC for the day (the unofficial voice of Cycling within NSW) was not totally crazy, that the days event would actually last a bit longer than the opening speeches from the various dignitaries and that there would be some life pulse in the event beyond officialdom.


Formalities over the afternoon started to wind up to the main event. First off were the kids. Manly’s  cycling future is clearly destined for big things as the little A typers vied for glory. A few little kids got stampeded on the first lap so learnt some hard life lessons learnt early.

The following warm up laps revealed the extent of CX talent around with 3 ex Olympians in the mix, some very strong juniors, some dark horses and the usual mix of CX hard cases. The course was a new one for us so there was the usual pre race anxiety, not enough sand, course too short, too fast, too easy. All I can say now is no way.


The first main event was womens, mens 50+ and the under 17s. It was a sufferfest with the short beach section a world of pain. The fortunate ones had punctures had thus an early exit. I suffered the ignominy of being lapped twice by the lead juniors and a nowhere placing. Johnny Miller aka Lard was assumed to take out honours but only managed second against one of the dark horses – Peter Selkrig. Young Sean Falzarano won the bike tossing and bike abuse prize but missed a spot on the final podium that actually mattered.


By the time the main event started most had figured out where the best spectator points were located. Maximum pain – at the end of the sand section, best stacks – in the off camber sections through the trees, best skills – at the barriers. Each group was by this stage pretty well sorted to give maximum encouragement, with perhaps the best location in the trees. Danny showed off his tree targeting skills but still came in second in his age group, Dave Watkinson failed to translate Heffron crit skills into a podium place and is now blaming equipment (his bike is for sale for those in need of a 56″ crosser). Gaz chucked in the Kowolski and diet to live dangerously and bag a second. If only he drank more beer.


Olly “if it’s not sketchy it’s boring” Whalley, fresh from the Big Hurt was big on the microphone and threatening on the bike, but like Icarus, his brief dig on the front resulted in a rolled tub and the restless trickle of what ifs.

The pointy end of the race was billed as the contest between Nick Both, Sid Taberlay and Garry Millburn and for a while Danny, JJ Hazelton, Carl and Olly were in the mix. No one had really expected the course to be the breeding ground for a species of bindyeye that must have its origins in the plains of Africa but this small weed had a major impact on how the race played out. The heroic effort of the day was Garry Millburn puncturing, losing a minute and then making a coming back to threaten Syd. Nick had it in the bag and modestly said that he has “a bit of form at the moment” post race.


Well done to all who participated and helped out. Our CX season gets bigger and better and events like this one is an opportunity for the club to become actively involved with the community. Big thanks to Rob Parbury, Sean Couley and the CX elves.


(there are some unclaimed medals for the U19 Women – so if you didn’t collect your medal on teh day – then please contact us)


Elite Women

1. Lindsay Gorrell (Manly Warringah MTB)

2. Heidi Kahl

3. Lizanne Wilmot (DHBC)

Elite Men

1. Nick Both – Torq Nutrition (Manly Warringah MTB)

2. Sid Taberlay – Kenda, H20 Overdrive, BH

3. Garry Milburn – Turramurra Cyclery (TORC)

Under 19 Women

1. Sarah Potter (Northern Suburbs Cycling Club)

2. Ashlee Jones (Northern Suburbs Cycling Club)

3. Ella Falzarano (Manly Warringah CC)

Under 19 Men

1. Guy Frail (Hunter Districts CC)

2. Tom Green (Northern Suburbs CC)

3. Nick Smith (Southern Highlands Cycling Club)

Women’s Masters  (30+)

1. Tara Nolan

2. Alissan Serra – City Bike Depot (MWMTB)

3. Christine Carter (MWMTB)

Men’s Masters 1-2 (30-39)

1. Carl Fokkema (MWTB)

2. Daniel Wright – (MWCC)

3. Tim Bateman – Hoax Racing (St George CC)

Men’s Masters 3-4 (40-49)

1. Danny Hennessy (Illawara CC)

2. Garry Harwood

3. Jaysen Austin (BiciSport)

Men’s Masters 5+

1. Peter Selkrig

2. John Miller (MWCC)

3. Mike Sumner (MWCC)