All current and financial members are hereby given notice of the MWCC Annual Meeting which will be held on Sunday 16 December at 4pm at Bacino, Manly.

The AGM will

  • confirm the minutes of the last AGM and of any special general meeting held since that meeting
  • receive from the committee reports on the activities of the association during the last financial year
  • elect office bearers and ordinary members of the committee
  • receive the association’s financial statements  and
  • conduct other business of which notice has been given to the members.

If you would like to run for office, then please make sure you can attend or make your intentions known beforehand. Help shape the future of your club.

All committee positions will be up for re-election.

Drinks and small nibbles will be provided. The meeting will be held in the upstairs area of Bacino.

More details will be up shortly.

Christmas Party date will be the 9th of December at Manly Dam at 4pm. This will be open to the whole family. More details shortly.