New Season Release: Bubble Sock

The MWCC ‘Bubble’ sock is a representation of our association with the ocean and waves here in the Northern Beaches. The air bubbles that rise to the surface as the waves roll into our coast line have been represented in our Autumn release club sock. You can now purchase this limited release sock and show your connection with your local environment when out on the bike.

At MWCC we feel a connection with our surroundings which is brought on by the hours that we spend riding around in our local surrounds. Most mornings riders will be riding along our coastline, admiring the waves rolling into our beaches and watching the sun rise over the water. It was this scene that inspired our new season sock.

Northern Beaches

Capturing the bubbles and air that find their way to the surface in the waves, similar to the way the bubbles in champagne that is presented on the podium makes it way to the surface. That is the meaning behind our autumn release sock.

The socks come in two heights, the traditional 4 inch cuff which is considered a mid height as well as the more modern 6 inch height.

Made by Champion System the socks are 70% Cotton, 17% Elastic, 10% Lycra, 3% Polyester

The socks are now available for purchase from the club for $20 per pair.


  1. Grant

    Are you writing for wine labels as well now?

  2. MWCC

    Socks are currently sold out. With another batch ordered.

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