The action of the Tour Down Under isn’t due to kick off until tomorrow, however there has already been some action on the roads and in the hills of Adelaide.

For those of you back in Sydney and sitting in the office, an elite group of MWCC riders who have scored leave passes from partners, or live the life of a lonely 45 year old man are also having some long days in ‘the office’. They have been out scoping the courses and preparing themselves for the onslaught of the coming week and Fozzy’s Flying Tours. They have passed this advice onto a number of the UCI teams, as they prepare for their first race of the calendar. We hope that this diary entry will help you get through your working day and make you appreciate why you made the decision to have kids and chain yourself down.


The riders have been out on some recon to Old Willunga Hill and rode the penultimate climb of this years Tour. They were faced with a fierce headwind that would have shelled Matt Goss and maybe even Jens Voigt on the way out, however they set a solid tempo on the as they entered the township of Willunga. They turned the corner, flicked the elbow and unleashed Dan ‘Schleck’ Scheiner at the bottom of the climb and the young climber, quickly disappeared into the distance, dancing on the pedals as he went about setting the tenth fastest climb on strava. A time that will continue to stand until a minimum of Stage 5.

It has been decided that Schleck will be the domestique on the flats, the rollers and the climbs for the team this year. Of course a few riders may also be looking to climb quickly in the Adelaide Hills, particularly if once again they have to listen to Col ‘Gilbert’ Carrigan tell the riders around him, how much easier the climbs are now that he has lost a few kilos, you only need a small rise in the road to have the broken record start off.


The boys were out on an easy recovery ride this morning to Port Adelaide, after last nights opening criterium and they made sure that all of the UCI teams out for a training ride felt the pain of the Manly train. In fact one driver was so impressed with the Manly kit and riding, that he actually drove his car into and over a trailer! While the MWCC riders and the Saxo Tinkoff riders helped the elderly gentlemen out of his car – you had the ever present reminder that some drivers are just morons – with one guy beeping his horn, telling us to get off the road – oblivious to the car currently dangling off a trailer.

Tomorrow is Stage 1 and the riders will be careful not to reveal their form too early in the first stage of Flying Fosters Tours, that being said it would be nice if Col wore more than just his briefs around the hotel room, revealing more than enough of his manhood to his teammates, let alone his form. Looks like it will be another tough day in the saddle/office.

Stage 1 FFT

We leave  outside the Medina Apartments (2 Flinders Street, Adelaide) at 8.30am every morning in Flinders St and go for a coffee in the general direction we are heading first up,  then off on various rides.