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What is the deal with this weather? It is like getting a coffee that tastes burnt. It just ruins your entire experience. With the HART Crit Racing having now wrapped up for summer and no racing at West Head until May, the void in your hearts for more MWCC events may be growing. Don’t despair, there is now the option to enter plenty of Open Races on the calendar or attend one of our training rides on the weekends. This newsletter will fill you in on other recent results, a global first offer exclusive to MWCC members and just general road cycling goodness.
Open Racing Season Begins
The crit season is coming to a close and that means that the State Open races are starting. What does that involve? Most of the weekends are held in country towns and many have a race on the Saturday and Sunday. These events are open to all racing licensed members.

The majority of the races are handicap races, this means that you are in a wave of similar standard riders where the goal is to work together to stay ahead of the faster chasing bunches.Many of these events request a State Grading – this is different to a normal grading. While you may race A, B or C grade at your local events, this doesn’t mean that your state grading is the same. There is no need to be offended by this or imagine some Russian Intel interference. The handicappers try and imagine everyone across the state in one race.

While you may race A Grade at a local club level don’t be shocked when your State Handicap doesn’t start with an A. “A” handicaps are for professional riders or those that are very strong at a National level. You may find that your State handicap is more around the B or C grade rating. This also has further breakdowns such as C1, C2 etc.

This occurs because the handicaps grade you on an overall basis and not just based on your strava times or your own perceived ability. Don’t take a D2 grading as Fake News.

The Country Opens offer some great weekends of solid riding and adventure sharing. We would highly recommend weekends such as Cootamundra (May 6/7) and Wagga Wagga (July 1/2) on the calendar. Even if you are not a strong racer, many handicaps give you a very good head start on the field.

This weekend we have riders heading off to the Orica Kermesse at Kurri Kurri. Keep your eye on Facebook as we regularly call out upcoming races or you could attempt to decipher the Cycling NSW website and calendar.

Race Calendar
25 March                  Orica Kermesse, Kurri Kurri NSW
2 April                       Blayney to Bathurst, Bathurst NSW
14 April                     Great Friday Hart Race, St Ives NSW
22-24 April                NSW Masters Road Championships, Orange NSW
6-7 May                    Cootamundra Haycarters, Cootamundra NSW
14 May                     Manly West Head RR, West Head NSW
11 June                     Manly West Head RR, West Head NSW
17-18 June               Gunnedah to Tamworth, Gunnedah NSW
1-2 July                     Wagga Wagga Classic, Wagga Wagga NSW
9 July                        Battle of the Bridge, West Head NSW
13 August                 Manly West Head RR, West Head NSW
19-20 August            Cootamundra Classic, Cootamundra NSW
10 September           The Wall, West Head NSW
22-24 September      National Capital Tour, Canberra ACT
8th October               Goulburn Great Divide Race, Goulburn
8 October                  Manly West Head RR, West Head NSW
12 November            MWCC Club Championshiop, West Head NSWThe remaining Battle of the Bridge Rounds will be announced in the coming weeks. Additional races will be added to the calendar as they are confirmed. In addition to these races there are the regular club races put on by clubs such as Northern Sydney (Beauie Worlds), Randwick Botany at Heffron Park and Waratah Masters at Eastern Creek/Lansdowne which are regularly attended by MWCC riders.
MWCC Race Results

The comeback continues for the multi disciplined Matt Dinham who still has a few niggling injuries from his crash sustained at the Rob Hodgson Memorial Race.

Matt recently raced in the National Cross Country Championships, for an overall fifth placed position. This was a back up to his second place at the Oceania Championships just a few weeks back.

He will now enjoy a bit of an off season which will allow him to fully rest up before blitzing the rest of the year.

Another rider who is showing his GC form of late is mountain goat Dave Yonge, who showed his ability late last year at the Tour of Bright Mt Hotham Stage. Dave has continued his solid form picking up second in GC in Masters B at the Tour of Mansfield in Victoria, which included a stage climbing Mount Buller. Dave Yonge may attribute some of his mountain climbing prowess to his training at the Altitude – The Height of Fitness under the guidance of Zoom In Zones coach Radek.

Renew now for 2017

Now is the time for riders to join or renew with Manly Warringah, become part of a community of like-minded, passionate riders. Riders can now renew their licence for 2017, with renewals completed now lasting until December 2017.

Whether you are looking for simple insurance and a casual riding licence or are a keen racer, there is a membership level for you.

For social riders we offer the choice of either a Cycling Australia Ride licence or a Bicycle Network membership. The Bicycle Network membership can not be used for racing but can be used for events such as 3 Peaks and other Bicycle Network events and the usual insurance coverage. If you wish to join Bicycle Network then please ensure that you purchase membership through our website, to ensure that you take advantage of the discount offered through MWCC.

For racing, members will be required to purchase a RACE membership through Cycling Australia. For riders under 30 this will be a Elite licence and those over 30 a Masters licence.

Since our launch in 1957 we have been at the forefront of the sport with our club recognised as one of the largest and most active cycling clubs in NSW. At MWCC we aim to share our passion of cycling with the whole community by providing first class events, active training rides and cycling advocacy.

Riders can renew or apply for membership at Licence Renewal.

The MWCC Riding Collection

Designed without compromise for the most discerning riders, MWCC products use the finest fabrics and components to create apparel and accessories that offer road riders unrivaled levels of performance, comfort and style. Our riding kits provide a luxurious balance of versatility and style with the essential characteristic of MWCC which will be able to be mixed and matched to suit your riding style and conditions.

With the cold weather descending upon us, riders may now wish to start adding wind vests, or arm and knee warmers for their early morning rides to maintain maximum comfort and enjoyment on the bike. We have a number of these items available for immediate purchase.

Riders may be interested in the World Tour tested aero race jerseys in our ‘Executive’ cut which has a slightly more relaxed fit around the mid section available for purchase. Contact Richard for details.

If you are looking for a particular winter item such as winter jackets that we don’t have in stock, then we currently have a Direct Order open until the 8 April.

Go directly to the store

Finally we have a premium limited edition off season ‘Classicismo‘ kit by Attaquer. Designed to be worn in conjunction with your existing MWCC clothing, this will allow riders a modern, race cut cycling kit by premium Sydney based brand Attaquer. We have a handful of kits available from our order in size Medium plus some Large and Small jerseys (No large or Small Bibs). Contact Alexis for a set which is $350. The jerseys can be purchased individually for $180 and the bibs $190

If you are unsure of what you should order or what would be the best option, then don’t hesitate to contact our purveyor of fine cycling products – Alexis

Sunday Training Rides

With the weather actually looking promising for this weekend, we have two long ride options that may suit riders in the club on Sunday 26 March.

For stronger riders who are looking for a solid day in the saddle, we have a 200km+ day mapped out including just over 3,000 metres of climbing, which will include a mixture of flat and rolling terrain including Bulli Pass. Riders joining in this ride should be prepared for a fairly solid tempo of riding, with a few attacks thrown in and minimal stops throughout the ride, mainly just ‘fill and go’ until the end. Average speed – 30km+

Strava Route:

The second option will be out to Maraylya. This is a distance of 128.8km with a total of 1933m ascent, so come join the Neo Pros ride for C & D Grades. Steady pace (average pace approx 25km) with more of a focus of keeping the group together. The route will be Allambie, Galston Gorge, Maraylya, Galston Gorge & back to civilisation.

Strava Route –

MWCC Social Media
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Smartline Mortgages are a proud sponsor of the MWCC. You may have noticed their logo on the club jersey. You may also have seen Lana and Greg marshalling out on course too…But who are they and what do they do?

They are a local business based on the Northern Beaches that organises finance (loans). Being brokers they don’t get paid by the customer (they get paid in the form of commissions from lenders). Most of their business is in residential lending (home loans) although they also do commercial lending (like office buildings).

Not super exciting I hear you say? What if they could save you enough money on your current home loan to cover a trip to say the Tour De France? Gets more interesting doesn’t it!
Or, what if you had the ability to use equity in your current property to buy another property, a new car, a holiday, or even a nice new bike or two?

Next time you see them at your club race go and say hello, they’d love to chat. Or if you are not in that space right now and you’d still like to support them please just ‘like’ their business page on Facebook
Contact them on p 0400 155 251 or email

Be Seen – Ride with Lights!

With the darkness of the mornings enclosing in on us, it is a regular occurrence to see moving shadows in the morning and night. While Jeremy Hopson seems to occasionally have some sort of light on him over at Bicisport, at MWCC we would prefer if riders were lit up so that they can see and other road users can see them.

To help with this the good folks over at Bunnyhop are offering a discount on lights from their website. These have been tested and signed off from MWCC riders. In fact Bunnyhop are offering 20% all items on their website for MWCC users.

Vinyl Wraps for your Bike

Looking for the next level of customisation on your bike? At MWCC we have been testing vinyl bike wraps, this product is the same material that they use to ‘wrap’ cars. This product has been created by Bunnyhop which includes club members Peter Reynolds and Chris Taylor.

These wraps can simply be installed on your bike and at the same time easily removed without damaging the original paint work. They have a set number of initial wrap designs, but at a price complete customisation is available.

The wraps can also be made to be reflective, to really make you stand out on the road.

The final offer in a global first – MWCC Garmin 520 covers. What will we think of next? Free with any purchase from Bunnyhop

Good luck to all of our riders heading down to the Bathurst for the B2B. No matter the event, we hope that all riders enjoy themselves and finish in one piece. There is still the option to enter both the Long and Short Course events on the Sunday and the Saturday Hill Climb and Crits.

More details via –

Congrats to all of our riders who participated in the Bicycle Network Orange Challenge and the 3 Peaks Challenge at Falls Creek. From all accounts there were a lot of smiles coming away from both events. Special mention to Andrew O’Neill who was first over the line in the Orange Challenge.

Mountain Bike Ride Leader WANTED

We are putting the call out to a member who is interested in leading some mountain bike rides in the area. We want to bring together many of our off road riders, many who may be looking for other riders to ride with.

What is required? We aren’t interested in your skill level, we just want someone who is willing to commit to turning up in the short term while the ride becomes established. Being the leader, you will get to choose the ride location, start time and when you want it to occur, whether it is a weekend ride, an evening or a weekend. Being the ride leader, you set the agenda.

If you want the kudos, then get in touch and lets make it happen.

MWCC at the Cape Epic
Dave Evans is currently tearing up the trails in South Africa in the Cape Epic. We wish him and his team mate Anthony Shippard all the best while they shred it up over there. Here they are pictured with the Big Wigs, African MTB Team – Team PYGA Euro Steel.