MWCC is very proud to announce that we have formalised an agreement with NRS team Mobius Future Racing (mFR). Mobius were the top ranked NSW NRS team in 2015 and are looking to build into 2016. This team has proven itself at the top level and with a focus on junior riders and development it makes for a perfect partnership for MWCC.

Both MWCC and mFR general manager, Tom Petty, is excited to be partner with MWCC in assisting with the long term development of local riders and believes the partnership is a good model for other domestic teams.
“We think partnerships like these are essential, the guys are really looking forward to being part of a club that shares our energy and views on helping the next generation. It’s like a pyramid, at the foundation of creating a champion, we need to improve the younger riders, we want to share our knowledge, you never know if it helps create the next Caleb Ewan or Anna Meares. Since our project started, we’ve aimed to provide the best environment we could to help our riders improve and progress, sharing and further developing that with MWCC is really cool for us. That’s what it’s all about and we’re proud to give our time and effort to such great people and have sponsors like mobius, AVER and Titanium Partners that support that. Cycling is a tough sport, we all know how hard it can be to find your way in the racing scene, just having that friendly face, or the advice from someone who has already been there, or someone to share training advice with are all really helpful and make it less daunting for the younger (and older!) guys and girls. It’s a big part of our ethos, we’ve always wanted to create a team that does more than just help the 14 or so riders who wear the jersey, a lot of the guys already mentor some local club riders, so its great to be able to achieve, extend and improve this with MWCC.”
mobius rds

As one of the largest cycling clubs in NSW we have been exploring options to ensure that as a club we provide the full pathway of development for any cyclist. Our successful free kids training at our crit and mountain bike events, introduces young riders to the love of riding from a very young age. We have numerous training rides which allow riders to develop before moving into our offering of road racing at our West Head course which is known not only for its scenic views but also as a challenging course with results at this race sitting well on any riders palmares. Combined with our crit racing, mountain bike and cyclocross racing we provide numerous opportunities for riders to test, improve and show off their skills.

By partnering with mFR, this will also create the pathway for riders aiming to race at the National Road Series. With access to their team coaches, riders and rides any aspiring MWCC member will be able to know exactly what it takes to race at the top level with the potential to race there themselves.

MWCC Ambassador Alexis said of the announcement “We have been looking for some time to fill a gap in our club offering, we weren’t just interested in giving a bunch of guys a jersey and paying for their holidays. With mFR we see a clear path for rider development within our club and we are also excited to be able to see if we can assist mFR in becoming a powerhouse within the NRS.”

mobius mtb

With this relationship MWCC is looking long term and we can now clearly show that we can offer the development of a rider from when they first learn to ride, development into a club rider, building into an NRS racer before coming back to club land. It promises to be a big year for both parties and we look forward to the adventure.