Global leading cycling club combines with global leading cycling fashion brand to produce the limited edition MWCC by Rapha Custom kit. Under the guidance of creativity designer Alexis Kaless of House of Kaless, the vision was for a reflection of the rich imagery synonymous with Manly, the world famous Manly beach, the endless blue skies and the simple beauty of riding your bike. This timeless elegance has played a key role in shaping MWCC’s renowned fashion silhouette.

Back in late 2017, the London based cycling clothing company Rapha, was contemplating moving towards offering some custom offerings outside of its own specific collections. Before going to a general offering, the global search went out for forward thinking and stylish cycling groups that would be a suitable partner with Rapha to run the pilot program.

Not all collaborations are created equal.

While teams went to work in London, Denmark, New York and Miami. It was the Sydney decision that sparked the movement alight. A desire to be different and create something new. In a full-to-bursting market, that’s not only what it takes to stand out, but also what cycling needs to stay relevant in an increasingly unstable world.

Leave it to Manly Warringah and Alexis Kaless, who is known to be at the forefront of cycling disruption to breathe new life into one of England’s most famous houses. This is a club that regularly brings out limited edition items and more variety in their club kits in a single year, than others will do in a decade. From seagulls and chips on their cycling caps, to ocean bubbles on their socks, being a bit different has been at the heart of their Club for many years.

When the initial design briefs went out for the Custom range, it was clear that for this release it was going to be a clash of the worlds. Kaless spoke of the process that they underwent when he recalled that he felt that there was a need for the cycling kit to reflect not only the Rapha calling card which undoubtedly is the understated chic style but also the MWCC identity.

Looking through the previous Rapha seasons there is a clear emphasis on strong colours, minimal design and that understated look. Kaless wanted to continue that line with the knowledge that for a first Rapha Custom offering, it was important that when observers would view the kit that it would have that DNA to it.

The heritage of Manly is also in its colour scheme,  when people see the sky blue and dark navy on the road, they know, even without a label that it is a Manly rider. I didn’t want to lose that when moving to Rapha, so it became a bit of a juxtaposition bringing them together.- Kaless

The final design which is offered in both a Pro Team and Core option, with male and female specific cuts continues that ocean meeting the sky vision that was seen earlier in 2017 with the ‘Horizon’ socks.

The classic Rapha styling on the bibs, which calls for minimalism has been carried through with a navy colourway. Then the lighter sky blue dominates the jersey, with riders always out on the ride staring at the white lines, whether riding next to it or going for the line in a race.

The Pro Team option is a tight, aero race fit design. The core range is a slightly more relaxed fit.

Pricing for the MWCC by Rapha Custom is as follows:

Pro Jersey $210 – Sizes XS, Small and Medium, Womens Medium
Pro Bibs $290 Sizes Small, Medium and Large, Womens Medium, Large

Core Jersey $150 Sizes S,M,L,XXL and Womens S,M,L
Core Bibs $185 Sizes S,M,L and Womens S & M

Items can be purchased individually and mixed and matched, to suit your riding preferences.

To purchase simply go to the MWCC Online Shop, which has all current stock listings available and click on the Rapha Range.