Manly Kit Design – First Concept

Well it is that time of year where everyone wants to shed a few kilos and look good whilst they are doing it. Below is the first cut of the new kit design, ETA on the final delivery date is yet to be confirmed but it is worth waiting for! If you are desperately looking for kit in the meantime and would like to snap up some of the older designs contact Alexis to see what is left over.

Have your say what do you think? Euro pro or no go? Leave your thoughts in the comments…!


  1. Gabriel

    Great piece of kit! I love the addition of dark blue to complement our characteristic baby blue and the emphasis on the club name. And no white in delicate areas like a few years ago. I wonder what it would look like with a slightly rounder font for the ‘MANLY’ inscription, such as an upper case bold calibri font.

  2. Burrgo

    hopefully the front of the Jersey stays as it is… looks clean, represents where we are from and as others have commented on twitter not a billboard! Love it.

  3. Sheep

    Looks the goods. Are you doing a dark kit as well?

  4. Tricky Dicky

    Yep, the jersey looks pretty good. Also, I like the darker bit on the middle bit of the shorts. Perhaps drop the “Manly” logos wrapping around the legs, which can look a bit odd when stretched? Arm / knee warmers have always been a disaster sizing and design-wise which your “design team” will no doubt fix up this time around!

  5. Slimey

    The ducks nuts!

  6. Jordan

    Looks good, i think that the font of the Manly on the front should match the Manly Warringah in the Logo (which is Gotham Book)..
    A few thoughts
    1) have you thought of having the Manly on the Jersey reflect the Manly around the bottom of the bibs (i.e. a dark blue bar with thin white line)
    2) on the gloves maybe ghost the logos a bit (50%)

  7. Alex Gardner

    Nice – much more practical colours for those that don’t mind a bit of foul weather.

    one suggestion – turn the club logo on the leg 90 deg, and move up the leg a bit – there’s too much empty blue on the leg, will look odd when on.

    Agree to ghost the smaller logo’s on the gloves

    Is there a rear jersey view, have you kept the racing stripes up the back? Its a nice touch.

  8. Craig Bowra

    I’d agree with what’s been said above. Overall it’s a great look. Would love to see the back of the jersey. As mentioned previously, maybe the there’s a better font for the MANLY on the front of the jersey, and maybe the lower, outside thigh is a bit crowded, with a lot of empty space above it.
    Nice work people.

  9. Trev

    I like it, although not really sold on the bibs (doesn’t blend into the jersey so well).
    Agree with the shading of the logo’s on the gloves.

  10. Trev

    ps: I liked the white/sky blue of the last few kits.

  11. Tricky Dicky

    Yep, keep the white on the legs to a minimum – the current bibs become transparent in the rain. Not a good look. For the darker blue training set, I reckon we should have a black inset where you have dark blue on the racing bibs for the same reason.

  12. Antoni

    Well done guys!!! Looks great…agree with some of the thoughts, thought not major…yes agree with ghosting the logos a bit more on the gloves. Luv It!!

  13. Ed Gralton

    A big improvement on the KOM kit but not yet as euro pro as the bacino kit. Is the shade of light blue the same as the bacino kit?
    I wouldnt worry about the club logos or underside of the cap on the mits – too crowded.
    Agree with the comments about the font and keeping of the white stripes on the back.

  14. Will

    Tuesday people… The launch is coming…..

  15. trudy

    nice work … can the ladies have WOMANLY on the butt panel please?

  16. Roger

    I agree with Jordan about the Manly on the jersey being in a dark band like the nicks and the comments about the logos on the gloves and underside of the peak. Don’t agree about changing the font to gothic.
    A great job Alexi; thanks.

  17. John Thomas

    Stick to the cycling Ed because you were useless as a naval officer.

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