Lightweight Wheels for $50*

Justin Roscoe and Rebecca Snell are heading off this weekend for a 1150km circumnavigation of Tasmania with 17,151 metres of climbing in 7 days with Tour de Kids in support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. To help Justin buy a ticket in this raffle –

Anyone who knows Justin Roscoe knows that he isn’t built for the mountains unless he is going downhill, let alone 1150km with an elevation gain of over twice the height of Mt Everest. Rebecca Snell may be our Queen of the Mountains after her escapades in Adelaide, but both are still in for a big week in the saddle.

Justin has come up with a unique way to raise his Tour funds. Rather than just part way with your funds, you now have the chance to win a pair of Lightweight clincher wheels.

Lightweight – there is nearly no roadie that doesn´t get shiny eyes when hearing that word. No wonder, the name Lightweight is a synonym for THE perfect wheel. Light, stiff, aerodynamic, durable, fast – and simple outstanding beautiful.

He is offering 100 tickets for sale at $50 to win a pair of Lightweight clincher wheels currently displayed at The Fixed Wheel worth $6000. Raffle to be drawn on 22nd March upon arrival back into Hobart. So even the number of tickets will still be below the retail value.

Wheel detailsLightweight Flyer master jpeg


Weight FW
475 gr
Weight BW
625 gr
Rim depth
47,5 mm
Rim width
20 mm
No. of spokes (FW/BW)
Tyre width
19-27 mm
Max. system weight
100 kg
  • The stiffest wheel in the Lightweight range
  • A perfect all-round wheelset, equally at home on the road, in the mountains and in road racing

So a $50 outlay gives you the opportunity to be rolling on some $6,000 wheels with a 1 in 100 chance, even better odds if you buy 2! Not a bad offering and you can read about thr fine craftsmanship of these wheels at

To purchase a ticket in this one off raffle, which will help kids and have you rolling in style there is a weblink for people to use where they can buy a ticket –


You can also help Rebecca reach her fundraising goal, and by doing so bring fun and laughter to children who need it the most, please show your support at

These riders are in for a big week and they are doing it for the kids.

Good luck.

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  1. Justin Roscoe

    Just to clarify, I will first re-coup the cost of the wheels and then donate the rest.

    Thanks for the promotion though. Good luck everyone!

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