KOMFA West Head Race Sept 9

The final round of the KOM Financial Advice Road Series is upon us and the top step is going to be decided. Every rider will need to perform at their top level in order to achieve the fame and glory that comes with winning this Series. Entries are now open for the final round on September 9 and all clubs and riders are welcome to enter.

This is the only series for road racing in NSW that has leaders jerseys for each grade and this is all thanks to KOM Financial Advice. This series will be run over 5 races, with the remaining race dates being:

  • September 9

You do not have to have competed in the previous rounds to enter the Series.

You can prepare for the series, just like you can prepare for a crash or that unexpected life event –

The grades should now match most other grades across Sydney, to make it easy for riders to decide on their appropriate grade.

All of our grades are ability based. We don’t care how old you are or what gender you are (exception the A Masters which is 40 years and above). Everyone does the same course, at the same time and the same distance for that grade. Enter your preferred grade based on your ability.

Our racing is on regardless of the weather. If it is cold and wet, or even raining. WE RACE.


This race series isn’t just for the Elites, every grade will be vying for leaders jerseys and prizes and with so many grade options, you would be mad to not pin on a number and give it a shake.


A Grade Masters. (6:45am) This will be a 4 lap race. This is for Masters riders aged over 40  who are still a very competitive rider. Race distance approximately 96km.

A Grade is a 4 lap race that will start at 7:00am. This grade is suitable for riders who race A Grade at other venues across Sydney. Race distance approximately 96km.

B Grade (7:02am) is a 3 lap event. Approx 72km.

B Grade (7:20am) is a 2 lap event. Approx 48km. Riders collecting points in B Grade must remain in the same division for each round.

C Grade (7:30am) is a two lap event. Approx 48km.

D Grade (7:50am) is a one lap event. Approx 24km. This is a popular grade for those new to racing .

Masters over 40 can still race in the Elite race if they wish. Enter online for $25 if you have a 2018 racing licence. On the day entry is $30 if space is available. B Graders please ensure you select your appropriate lap option and turn up at the correct start time.


All riders will sign on at Elvina Walking Track Car Park. If you choose to drive into the Park and park on West Head Road, please note that you will be under a controlled and restricted road until the race has finished.The race course starts at Elvina Walking Track, riders will roll out and head south back towards Akuna Bay, however rather than turn at the junction, riders will turn at the crest of the hill and then make their way out to the usual turn around point.The entry fee is $25 for Race Licence riders. D Grade $15 entry.

The Current Top 5 of each grade, will it be the same after the final round?



Jack Bennett RBCC 11.3 pts
Daniel Brickell Sutherland 11.2 pts
Ben Decreuse MWCC 8.2 pts
Mathieu Bremaud RBCC 7.2 pts
Andrew O’Neill MWCC 6.2 pts


Alex Gardner Harlequin 16.3 pts
Graeme Weatherill Peloton Sports 11.4 pts
Michael Collings Peloton Sports 8.4 pts
Clinton Leong Peloton Sports 8.4 pts
Tim Curry SUVelo 8.3 pts


Pedro Gomez RBCC 16.3 pts
Joshua Brodie Parramatta 11.2 pts
Rodrigo Notaro DHBC 10.2 pts
Matthew Kasher SCC 10.1 pts
Andrew Hellmich CCCC 8.2 pts
Anthony Plumb MWCC 24.4 pts
Jamie Dunn MWCC 9.3 pts
Lachie Sky NSCC 6.2 pts
Joshua Dunne RBCC 5.1 pts
Peter Robertson Harlequin 4.4 pts


Jonathan Lam Parklife CC 22.4 pts
Chris Wildman MWCC 18.4 pts
Ryan Terry MWCC 17.4 pts
Philip Barnes MWCC 11.3 pts
Justin Lam Parklife CC 8.3 pts


Benoit Sokolowski MWCC 17.4 pts
Thomas Le RCC 16.3 pts
Dean Harris LACC 10.5 pts
Tanya Gerold MWCC 7.2 pts
Jennifer Kay Rapha 6.2 pts

We encourage all riders to read our article on racing safely – https://manlywarringahcc.org.au/article/racing-for-the-win-safely/#more-1945

Remember that you are in control of your front wheel. Keep your brain switched on and always remember that this is a club race and not the World Tour but the bragging rights are just as big.


Our KOM Financial Advice Road Race will be signing on from 6:30am for all grades at the Elvina Walking Track Carpark. If you pre enter please ensure you arrive at a minimum 10 minutes before your race start.

If you haven’t raced before but are considering it – our guide to entering may be of some assistance.https://manlywarringahcc.org.au/news/racing-how-to-enter-and-what-to-expect-a-beginners-guide/

The start/finish line and presentation area is located at the Elvina Walking Track Car park on West Head Road.We would request that you do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park – this not only assists our marshalls when they head up there to set up for the finish, but also assists with our relations with the National Parks. This also gives riders more room to hang around in post race.

Essential Details:

$25 Entry – with a Race 2018 licence.

Race Date: 9 September 2018

Race start time is 6:45am for A Masters.

Sign on from 6:30am.

Race sign on and start is Elvina Walking Track, West Head Road.

Enter Online: Enter HERE

Race Support provided by Cycle Spot – 10/19 Bungan St Mona Vale

All clubs and riders welcome.

By pre registering, you are ensuring your entry and then on the day you will just turn up a minimum 10 minutes before race start, sign the sheet and grab a number. If a grade is advertised as sold out, that is exactly what it means – no spots will be available on the day.81690_OEMIf you use gel or energy wrappers, please put your empty wrappers in your pockets and take them home with you. The National Park is not a rubbish dump.

All pictures in this are provided by Blake Gillmer. A full gallery from the last round is found on our Facebook Page.

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