Kangaroo Valley Ride 3 Nov

Looking for a few new hills to ride or perhaps wanting a day away from the bustle of the Beaches? Greg ‘The Boss’ Reynolds needs to find his climbing legs before the next road race on 11 November, so come and join him on this not so secret day in the hills.

The plan is to leave Neutral Bay at 6am by car and head along via the M5 to Bowral then onto Robertson.

The convoy will then be parked at Robertson Pie Shop and the ride will depart from there at around 8am.

Like all well thought out plans, the route may change on the day, however at this stage the route will be to ride from the Pie Shop to the bottom of Jamberoo and return, then ride to the bottom of Macquarie Pass and return, then finally ride to the bottom of Kangeroo Valley and return all up about 120km.

Depending on who comes, we may do Macquarie Pass last as some folks will be happy with 95km and just miss the last 25km , that can be worked out on the day. Doing this works well as you can take a quick break, grab some food or a quick drink refill.

The other option is Robertson Pie Shop riding to Kangeroo Valley, along to Berry Mountain to Berry then Woodhill Mountain then return up Kangaroo Valley to Robertson this is about 105km and not as tough on the legs and very scenic.

The Berry Loop Ride normally takes about 4.5 hours

The other ride is about 4.5 to 5.5 hours depending on whether the Macquarie Pass loop is added.

Riders should be back in Sydney by 4pm – so please seek a full days leave pass.

This ride is aimed at all riders who consider that they can complete the distances. There will be plenty of banter and chances to just suck wheels or be the King of the Mountain. This is a great opportunity to spend the day with the C Grade club Champion – learn his secrets and have a chat about his training plans  – learn from a pro.

Want more details or to confirm your attendance – contact The Boss directly via email gregandemma at gmail dot com


  1. Gabriel

    Looks like a great day out, shame the timing is not right for me this time. Enjoy and hope you’ll find these climbing legs.

  2. Greg

    Alexis many thanks for that endorsement 🙂

  3. Ev

    Sounds great.
    Map and profile details:

  4. mitch

    Great area for riding. Can’t make it, but will have to catch the boss’ speaking tour.

  5. iban mayo

    signor greg,

    will it be mandatory to ride with an unzipped jersey flapping in the breeze with gold chain swinging freely on each climb?

    i hope your good sensations return and you have another beautiful victory.

  6. Chris

    Great idea. Can’t make it this time as saving legs for calga the next day but will definitely be up for the next outing.

  7. Greg

    Still looking for those darn climbing legs, I will find them one day?!

  8. Nathan T

    Despite the cold and rain, it was a great ride. Many thanks to Greg and MWCC for having me. Only thing better than a tops day in the saddle is when you’ve got excellent company to share it with.

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