Whether you are training for an event or wanting to just have someone to ride with, Manly Warringah is a great option for all levels of cyclists. We have a variety of rides most mornings of the week which are suitable for all levels of fitness and then you can also have the opportunity to pin on a number and race with MWCC. Don’t go to the coffee shop by yourself. Riders can join MWCC via Cycling Australia and their Race Licence will be valid until the end of 2018. The transfer process has been simplified for riders who are looking to transfer clubs. 

Whether you are looking for simple insurance and a casual riding licence or are a keen racer, there is a membership level for you.

For social riders we offer the choice of either a Cycling Australia Ride licence or a Bicycle Network membership. The Bicycle Network membership can not be used for racing but can be used for events such as 3 Peaks and other Bicycle Network events such as the Cradle Mountain ride and insurance coverage. If you wish to join Bicycle Network then please ensure that you purchase membership through our website, to ensure that you take advantage of the discount offered through MWCC.

For racing, members will be required to purchase a RACE membership through Cycling Australia. For riders under 30 this will be a Elite licence and those over 30 a Masters licence.

Since our launch in 1957 we have been at the forefront of the sport with our club recognised as one of the largest and most active cycling clubs in NSW. At MWCC we aim to share our passion of cycling with the whole community by providing first class events, active training rides and cycling advocacy.