Round Two of the Hunter Districts Race Series is on May 2 and once again it promises a great day of racing only a short drive from Sydney. Rolling course, on fast roads with a grade to suit everybody. This is well worth the trip.

Entry is only $15 with a gold licence. They have grades A-E and Womens 1 and 2. Unlike the Orica Kermesse the grading would be as per your normal grade at club racing. Even if it is raining, racing will still be on. The course is slightly extended compared to the Orica Kermesse.


This course has some rolling roads but most riders will never get out of their big chain ring for the entire event, which if you are racing A Grade is just over 100 kilometres in distance. B Grades is 90kms and around 70-80kms for the remaining grades, so for $15 this is well worth the trip up north.

The club also offers separate womens grades on a great course to learn and road race on.


Since this is round two of the series, riders who won in the first round will be wearing series leader jerseys, of course you don’t have to have raced in round 1 to race in round 2.

This is a very well run race day by Hunter District CC, there is a canteen at race start and also plenty of signage and fanfare. Some people park at the entrance at Kurri Kurri Mulbring Road and ride the approximate 4 kilometres into the start line as a warm up, otherwise drive in and there is plenty of parking near the start line.


Race Details:

Location: Hunter Economic Zone, Kurri Kurri

Known on Google Maps as HEZ Industrial Business Estate. Turn off from Kurri Kurri Mulbring Road.

Cost: $15 with a Gold Licence

Time: Races start 2pm

Leaving from Cremorne it was a 2 hour 15 minute trip going via the Pacific Highway, then Freeway.

Grades: A-E, Womens 1 & 2 and Kids.

Race Distances: A Grade 103km, B Grade 90km, C Grade 78km, D Grade 66km approximately.

More details check out the Hunter District Cycling Club website.