Knowing that your mate is waiting for you on that corner at an agreed time, for many, is what gets them out of bed and clipping into their bike as the cold weather descends upon us.

Now more than ever, we need to ensure that the bunch ride is safe and regulated. Not too big, knowing who is on it and riding through this together. Of course, there is always the solo ride, but if you want to ride with others, how we do it is changing and we will be helping you navigate your path and you will also be helping to guide us.

In order to ensure that we meet all Government and Health regulations, riders can no longer simply jump on the back of a passing bunch. This is a big change for all of us, historically this is how many of us got into bunch riding or learned a new route and on more than one occasion it has helped to get a tired rider home. That chapter is now closed.

In order to run our groups effectively and to manage numbers, riders will be signing up for our rides via Team App. Once you have signed up, it is an easy process of joining a group ride. You can sign up for multiple rides and you can also opt out of a ride.

This will allow us to maintain groups to a maximum of 20 riders (as per the current restrictions). Once that ride is full, riders will have to select another group ride to attend.

In order to cater for all of our riders we will be adding more rides, more locations and routes at regular intervals. We have uploaded our regular rides but we also have new rides including a Wednesday social ride starting from Mona Vale and a later Coast & Toast for a bit more sleep in. Keep an eye out for more new rides.

We want your feedback and ideas on routes that will suit you, our riders.

So please sign up to our Team App, then when you want to join a ride, simply log in and register for an available spot in only takes a few clicks. Then be there at the start line.

This new process does require individual responsibility. Firstly, we are requesting that riders who sign up to the ride, start at the agreed starting point, don’t join the ride from somewhere else. Once the group is rolling, politely advise riders who look to join at other locations that they need to roll off the back and not participate. Don’t make our community a target by forming or creating a group larger than 20 riders.

There may be occasions that rides are full, we will continually monitor this and try to continually cater for this, but if you do miss out, please don’t just try and ride in the bunch anyway, this is your social responsibility.

The benefits of this new system is that it allows us to know who is on our rides, in the unfortunate event on the road, specific ride details will be able to access emergency details for those on the ride.

We can meet government and health regulations by limiting and controlling our group sizes, and keep records of who has attended.

We can ride new routes and welcome new riders to our bunches.

So sign up to our Team App ride page and join us on our rides. We require all of us to make it work, so if you want to ride with us, sign up for a ride and encourage others to do so.