HED Cyclocross Decider 25 August


The final race in this HED Cyclocross series put on MWCC and MWMTB. Who will be crowned the champion of the series and take away the main series prize thanks to HED Cycling? This exciting race format takes the best that the road and off road has to offer and combines them together.

Don’t worry if it is a bit windy or raining – this style of racing wants the rain and mud – racing is on regardless of the weather and we aren’t a bit precious to get a little mud on the bike or dirt on the bibs.

The series has short course mountain bike races – off road crits is the best description, run on a short course these are 30-40 minute max efforts. Suitable for all types of mountain bikes. These races start at 8:30am. They are fast and furious affairs and test your speed and agility on the mountain bike.

Then we host two cyclo cross races that are split between those that don’t have cyclo cross bikes and this race can be conquered on any type of bike you wish. The second race is for those that have cyclo cross bikes. These races start at 9:30am and 10:10am respectively. These courses have a mix of smooth tarmac, grass, mud and then the popular barriers and stairs that often have to be negotiated by jumping off your bike and carrying over the obstacles. It certainly is something a bit different!

The race is held at the JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve, Terrey Hills behind the Equestrian Centre. There is plenty of parking available at the site.

Entry is just $10 is you have a current MTB or Road 2012 Cycling Licence, otherwise a day licence can be purchased.

This course will form part of the inaugural Cyclocross National Series with the races being held on the 29/30 September. These two days of racing will also have lead in races that will be open to the general public. So that you will have a chance to race and compare yourself to the best that Australia has to offer. With the sport only in its infancy in here in Australia – this could be an opportunity to rank yourself highly in the cyclocross stakes.

All the details

Saturday August 25

From 8:30am at the JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve for the off road

Crit. 9:30am for the CX races. All types of bikes welcome –

$10 race entry with race licence otherwise a day licence can be purchased

Racing will be on regardless of the weather!!

Time to take the challenge!

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  1. Carl

    I’m in, can’t wait.

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