The hottest day since the Tour of Qatar brought smaller than the usual fields out for their Friday night race fix. Sign-on and most riders moved to the shade as we waited for the Peter Brock movie crew to clear the track. There didn’t really seem a need for a warm-up. 

A Elite started with a bigger bunch than A Club with a few riders changing camps on the start line leaving 9 chasing 5. A Elite was smooth with Dan Bonello calling the shots and making sure everyone worked until they were used up and could be spat out the back.  A club held it together with special mention to Tai Huynh from NSCC who broke his rear derailleur cable before the start so rode the entire race in the 11 cog with just 2 gears at the front. The catch was made with 3 to go, A club hung on until the final lap but A Elite were too strong at the finish with Peter Livingstone of Mobius Future Racing Team taking the win, up from second last time out and a clear lead in the points series. Junior Matthew Dinham claimed second which continued his strong performances on this course and a decent return for his reduced $5 sign-on fee. Will McLaren laid it all the line in his chase for victory but unfortunately for The Sheriff he literally laid it down on the hair pin and left a bit of himself on the course. Only some light grazes thankfully.

1. Peter Livingstone – DHBC
2. Matthew Dinham – NSCC
3. Chris Miller – SUVELO
4. Don Bonello – MWCC
5. Peter Moore – MWCC and 1st A club

B Grade kept together for most of the race with the exception of Alexis who picked the wrong wheel on lap two and dropped off the back then spend 4 laps chasing. Obviously not expecting a rider who’s wheel he was following to pull the pin after only two laps, he did get back on but only to blow up soon after. The pink socks obviously weren’t helping. There was talk he was just trying to influence the handicappers for The Wall. Another in the same boat was Rob Scheiner who started in B but spend most of the race sitting in the C bunch. Evan Snow took a lap out at half way to clear debris off the track, most commissaires would dismiss this as a shameless bludge but with Evan you knew it was honest. Supplying ice, cleaning the track and racing, what more could you want from a club member? For B grade it all came down to the last lap, Lynne Clarke had looked comfortable for most of the race but couldn’t match the big guys off the top of the last climb and it was Jono Herb monstering his way down the straight to take the win. This was his second win at HART but only his first in the series. Chris Taylor may have been further up on the podium if he had got out of his small chain a little earlier in the sprint.

1. Jono Herb MWCC
2. Scott Bird JCC
3. Chris Taylor  MWCC
4. Michael Berriman MWCC
5. Lewis Hunt RBCC

C Grade had Brett Babicci drifting off the front right from the start but he seemed reluctant to go on his own. Eventually Kevin Hazeldine was persuaded to join him and the two soon had a substantial lead, with Brett having no problems catching the B Grade back markers. With 2 to go Brett attacked and Kevin cracked to such a humiliating extent that he was picked up by the remnants of the chasing bunch. Brett caught and passed B grade and was obviously too embarrassed to pick up his prize money. He will be moving up next week.

1. Brett Babicci MWCC
2. Edward Shilland MWCC
3. Richard Lack NSCC
4. Kevin Hazeldine MWCC
5. Bruce Potts MWCC

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