The racing continues this Friday at HART Driver Training Centre, Mona Vale Road. I am not sure what is more popular, the racing or the free kids training. What we do know is that everyone loves starting their weekend this way.

The best way to know what we are going to look forward to, is by looking back at last weeks racing and the report by Race Director Drastic Measures. The last week of racing has been confirmed as the 11 March. All the details about this Fridays racing is posted at the end of the race report.

A warm night at HART saw a few more riders signing on for a few laps around the best crit course in Sydney. With increasing numbers in A grade we split the bunch into two separate races A+ and A-.

A+ Grade
A proper race this week instead of the heads down rolling pace line chasing the handicap. Peter Livingstone made an early break but was hauled back and then Tristan Curdew and Michael Cupitt went away for the break of the race. Lap after lap went by with no reaction from the bunch; the two rolled through the Prime and just kept going. Matt Rozyn slid out on the left hander before the climb but re-joined the bunch after a lap out. The adrenalin was obviously pumping as he went straight to the front and the gap started to close. In true pro style the breakaway was caught with two to go. Young Matt Dinham attacked from the top of the climb but was overhauled by in the straight by a guy who had tried to sign on one grade lower.

1st    Toby Orchard, SHCC
2nd    Matthew Dinham, NSCC
3rd    Peter Livingstone, DHBC
4th    Jake Kauffmann, MWCC
5th    Brent Goddard, Harlequin
Prime    Michael Cupitt, NSCC

A- Grade
Julian Raubenheimer was the first to try his hand off the front then Daniel Newman as we had a different escapee each lap. Eventually Jon Leighton got away and successfully set things up for JML junior rider Matthew Osbourne to take the Prime. The solo breakaways continued with Daniel again then Conor Tarlington but it was all together for a bunch sprint with Matt Osbourne showing he probably needs to move up to A+.

1st    Matthew Osbourne, NSCC
2nd    David Blom, Peloton
3rd    Will McLaren, MWCC
4th    Chris Taylor, MWCC
5th    Jon Leighton, Harlequin
Prime    Matthew Osbourne, NSCC
unnamed (8)
B Grade
Lee Watts attacked from the start and quickly had the bunch strung out behind him. Jesse Downer then took over off the front and held form for a couple of laps but an early Prime put paid to his chances; he went from 100m off the front to 100m off the back in one lap which also saw Jack Renshaw take an easy Prime victory. Lynn Clarke’s return to racing saw her slide out  at the base of the climb causing most of the MWCC contingent to take a lap out in sympathy. Lynn got up and re-joined the race along with her concerned helpers. After that it was a bit stop start with slower periods and quicker periods and not much else until the bell saw the Northern Sydney juniors ride away.
1st    Rohan Douglas, NSCC
2nd    Jack Renshaw, NSCC
3rd    Sean McGinty, LACC
4th    Jamie White, Peloton
5th    Dave Watkinson, MWCC
Prime    Jack Renshaw, NSCCC Grade
Sign-on saw several of MWCC’s top brass make charitable donations to club coffers. Let’s face it Brad, Jim and Richard were never going to get their money back.  The race was dominated by Ben Daley who we did try to move to B at sign-on but he insist he had only ever made the C grade podium once. The good news for Ben is he can take half of his 9 points up to B grade. He led 3 others guys clear early on and they built a considerable lead. In their wake was a chase bunch of 5 followed by the stragglers. Jeff Tam put in a huge effort late on to bridge across but the lead four took out the money and the bulk of the points. Find of the year is David Lavery who joined the club in January, took fifth last week and third this week, it could be first next week.

1st    Ben Daley, SUVELO
2nd    David Hampton, Marconi
3rd    David Lavery, MWCC
5th    Kevin Hazeldine, MWCC
5th    Jeff Tam, Parramatta
Prime    Ben Daley, SUVELO

Race Details 19 February

The HART course is located on Mona Vale Road, opposite the entrance to the showground. There is ample parking on site and it also has fairly safe cycling routes to the venue. The course is completely car free. Racing will commence at 6:30pm and you can sign on from 6pm. There is no pre entry, simply enter on the night for $15 with a 2016 licence.

As part of our promotion of cycling on the beaches, we will also have free kids training on the night, which will be run by qualified coaches. The kids will run through a variety of skills depending on their ability. The training will occur while the racing is on. The kids simply need to turn up with a bike and a helmet. We take all standards of riders and this is free and open to all. You do not have to be racing or a member of the MWCC for your kids to participate.