Friday night saw the launch of our new crit series at HART Driver Training Centre, St Ives which was a tough affair with some great racing in all grades. This series will continue over summer and there isn’t a better way to start your Friday nights.

With a new night of racing on the calendar, it was a successful launch of our new series which from this Friday will become the ‘Fixed Wheel Cup’ a 5 week point score series – this will bring additional prizes and trophies for the riders. For a number of riders this was their first time around the HART circuit and the little pinch certainly tested all of the riders.

Raced on a fully closed off circuit, completely car free this course is what you have come to expect from a Manly event – smooth roads, with the course always having a few little undulations to test all of the riders each lap.

The first night was an absolute war of attrition in all grades, as riders continued to push the pace in all grades and riders finding their legs being sapped everytime on the berg. It was great for the crowd who were able to set themselves up inbetween the berg and the finishing straight as you saw the peloton being stretched every lap.

It wasn’t long before you saw riders not being able to close the gaps and exploding out the back and by half way into each grade the numbers were already diminishing. It was great racing and great for the spectators., watching the hurt on the faces as they went up the berg before the slow drag up to the top, before seeing them coming flying past on the easy downhill run. Overall a really successful evening of racing, with all of the riders tired but happy by the end of the race.


Crit racing is a great way to improve your riding. It helps improve your power due to the short hard intensity of the races and you will also see your bunch riding skills improve due to the close quarters riding. Remember don’t pedal through the hairpin on this course!

There isn’t a better way to start the weekend. Based on rider feedback we may shorten each grade by 5 minutes this week. The racing will also now start at 6:15pm with sign on from 6pm. $15 entry with a GOLD licence. No day licences available.


A Grade 091213

A Grade
1. Tom Patton MWCC
2. Michael Jaegar Peloton
3. Nick Both
B Grade 091213
B Grade
1. Tai Huyan NSCC (now A grade) 
2. Peter Moore MWCC
3. Richard Measures Peloton
C Grade 091213
C Grade (all going upto B)
1. Philip Gray MWCC
2. Scott Waldon NSCC
3. Lee Watts NSCC
See you all at 6pm for sign with racing starting 6:15pm – Friday 13th!