Fixed Wheel E Load Results 10 March 13

Solid turn out in all grades with a large A grade all the way down to a big D Grade field, with perfect weather for the Akuna Bay West Head road race – I think there were a number of riders who put themselves in the hurt box in all grades. We also had a number of riders who were racing for the first time – so MWCC hopes you enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to all our marshalls on the day – they gave up their day of racing so that you could roll around. Those marshalls will race for free at their next race.

Thanks must also go to our sponsor the Fixed Wheel who had the mechanics van on site, which was being put to use along with the E Load team, who was ensuring that everyone was hydrated post race. The Fixed Wheel also provide vouchers along with the cash prize pool for all of our podium riders in each grade.


The B Prestige race was animated with Mick Curran and Matt Formston on their tandem, the tandem is like a rocket on the descents but becomes a snail on the inclines. Mick is the pilot for Matt who is visually impaired and they hold numerous Australian track racing records. Great to see them mixing it up in the bunch. Showing the strength of the younger riders in the race, Charlie Leighton of Peloton (1st) and Paul Edelsteing of SCC (3rd) both I believe to be under 18.

Shaun Falzarano was another youngest who turned up and turned on the heat in the C Hubbard race, with Shaun being a few years off being able to have a drivers licence – he is ensuring that he is already on his way to being King of the road.

Ella Falzarano also made her debut in D Grade and she was one of the many women who are increasing their numbers at every race. Geraldine Blomfield-Brown of Waratahs was the first female rider over the line on the day riding in B Hubbard.

Strong turn out from most clubs particularly Peloton Sports on the day. Central Coast as always showed good numbers. We also had our regulars from Sydney SCC, Randwick and SUVelo


A Grade escapees make the final turn for home

Results for the day were as follows.

A Grade
1. Jake Kauffman MWCC
2. Michael Jaeger Peloton
3. Alex Gardner MWCC

B Prestige
1. Charlie Leighton Peloton
2. Mick Curran/Matt Formston CCCC – tandem
3. Paul Edelstein SCC

B Hubbard
1. Glen Pleffer WSMTB
2. Ian Cocks Peloton
3. Fabian Cancellera MWCC

C Prestige
1. Niall Durney SCC
2. Alex Abel SUVelo
3. Rick Hairman Peloton

C Hubbard
1. Shaun Flazarano MWCC
2. Tyson Grunderston
3. Alan Branston SCC

D Grade
1. Simon Welfare
2. Rowan Lean
3. Phil Barnes

Next race is 14 April – please note that due to increased costs from Cycling NSW and National Parks that for the first time in 10 years we are having to increase the costs of our races from $10 to $15 per entrant. Next month will be the perfect training ride for Blayney to Bathurst.

If you are looking for some more Northern Beaches racing – Peloton Sports hold a criterium on Friday nights at the HART driver training centre at St Ives -5:30pm sign on with a 6pm start.


E Load nutrition and hydration is available for purchase through the Fixed Wheel – or online at the Endurance Store



  1. Mathew

    Good to see Cancellara building his form for Milan – San Remo with a solid 3rd in C Grade.

  2. Strava

    Thanks to Sydney SCC for analysing the climb times up Akuna this morning.

    A Grade: 6min 36 sec
    B Prestige: 7 min 8 secs
    B Hubbard: 8min 28 sec
    C Prestige: 7min 50 sec
    C Hubbard: 10min 20 sec
    D Grade: 9min 42 sec

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