There was little sign of snow at HART for the Christmas Fixed Wheel Cup round 2, with temperatures in the high 30’s.   A grade was boosted by a few late arrivals as B grade was full, and Mitch Dixon, Evan Snow and Oliver Whalley all showed us what they are made of with newly crowned MWCC B grade Champion Dixon finishing in 8th place setting the standard for us all to follow, moving from his first D grade win at West Head to his first A grade race in a couple of seasons of racing.  

Neither was there any Christmas cheer in A grade, with Cam Peterson and Tom Patton breaking away almost from the start. They spent the whole race out front but while playing cat’n’mouse on the last lap nearly threw it away. Cam beat Tom in the sprint while Ed White, Harrison Bailey and Nick Both filled out the first 5. Nick Both holds a 2 points lead heading into the New Year.


B grade are causing the handicappers a head ache each week, and this week was no different, with B grade full and riders having to ride the other grades. Despite a lack of balaclavas in the queue at sign on, a few burglars slipped the net!   Riders were on the attack early, with A grader Ian Cocks (recovering from Dehydration!) attacking with Gary Harwood early it was going to be tough. They didn’t seem to get together well, and were brought back by Cam Dinnie(forgot his Balaclava, and failed to find his name on the A grade start sheet!) Nothing seemed to give until the Prime where Cocks had gone ahead alone only to be caught on the line by a Manly rider.  If you follow local racing  you’ll have noticed a young Peter Livingstone, hurting people in local races and smashing KOM’s on Strava, so it was no surprise to see him disappear up the hill with 10 minutes remaining.


Of course when you’re riding the wrong grade, you can match the pace of a 17 year old uphill, and Cam Dinnie rode across and the race was over for real B graders. Peter Moore wound up his sprint and beat Andrew Pickering and Nathan Crump for 3rd, putting himself in a strong position for the B Grade Cup.   C grade had fewer numbers this week, and with a super strong Nigel Halpern topping the MWCC B grade Strava list with 400km a week one finishing alone after winning the Prime mid race. Hopefully there will be space for him  in B grade next race. Young Tom Loy finished 2nd then celebrated by doing an extra lap causing a bit of chaos sprinting past B grade on their bell lap! Adam Quinlan, Ben Domensino and Ken Hedges went home happy with more WD40 degreaser from Dawson Sport. With Nigel looking more like a B grader  Tom Loy could be a tip for the C grade Cup.


Thanks to the FIXED WHEEL and DAWSON sports for prizes and see you all on January 3rd, don’t forget you new 2014 GOLD licences.


Results and Series points are found here



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