Fixed Wheel Cup – Friday 13th Report

Summer brings many things, warmth, christmas, holidays and extended hours of light. It is these extended hours of light that I particularly like. The opportunity to go riding after work or in today’s case a last minute (very last minute) opportunity to go watch some other people race bikes. Joshua Nicholson provides his account.
In St Ives, opposite the showground there is a closed circuit road which winds and undulates through the bush – in other words a perfect criterium circuit for road bikes. It is the Honda Australia Roadcraft Training (HART) facility. The Manly Warringah club have a five race series (Fixed Wheel Cup) around this perfect venue, Friday the 13th was the second in this series.
Set beside a national park and on a fine evening I thought I’d have some fun and get some cool photos (more on that later) and watch some great club racing. Indeed most of that came true, the great photos was a bit disappointing. The various grades raced various distances after a slightly staggered start and it was full of breakaways, peloton splits, mechanicals, chase downs, sprint finishes, tear away victory (A Grade) and fortunately no crashes (well none that I saw or heard).
So to the photos, hmmm, well, arrrh, ok no excuses despite a massive lens failure I just had a bad day with the camera but hopefully there is enough to show the heart and soul of club racing. Next race I may have my number one camera back, lens working and a better attitude. Plus I know the venue a bit better now too.
Long live club racing!
HART – a road in a great bush setting


Sprint to the finish, for second place A Grade, winner finished hours earlier, ok slight exaggeration


Club colours on a warm summer afternoon


Left behind but not forgotten


The warm sunset lights the way


Steep ‘rocky’ climb


A Grade
1.Nick Both
2.Michael Jaeger
3.Alex Gardner
Prime: Lachlan Edwards
B Grade
1.Peter Moore
2. Nathan Crump
3. Jon Smith
Prime: Evan Snow
C Grade
 1.Brett Cocks
2. Nigel Halpern
3.Matthew Dinhan
Prime: Nigel Halpern
This post previously appeared on Joshua Nicholsons blog – He has recently taken some great photos of various cycling events around Sydney and you can follow his blog and him on twitter – @twit_jn0603
He has an excellent write up and photos from the recent mountain bike short course event and the final round of Beaumont Road for the year over on his blog.


  1. Andrew

    I cannot see details of when the next crit race is at the HART. Can you please confirm the new year schedule. Specifically – is there a race this Friday 10th January?

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