December 9th – Santa Comes Early

The final road race of 2012, end the year as a champion.

In order to increase the chance of everyone getting themselves an early Christmas present we will be providing a few more options for this months race. We want to increase the festive spirit!

All grades with the exception of D Grade will be doing two laps of West Head. A Grade will race as usual with two laps of West Head. For grades B and C when signing on – riders will be given the option of riding either Prestige or Hubbard.

Riding Prestige means that you will be racing from the roll out at Akuna Bay. Riding Hubbard division ,will mean that you will be riding a neutralised/ steady pace up to the turn off to West Head and once entering the park, it will be race on. The Hubbard division will have the pace set by 2 Manly Warringah riders and the idea is that everyone in that group will at least make it to the turn off before having to survive until the end. Prize money will be reflected in the different style of race. Please note that the pace will still be relatively steady to ensure that sufficient time gaps remain betwen the groups.

Please ensure that you sign on to the correct sign on sheet.

This may give some riders an opportunity to step up a grade without the fear of being dropped in the first 4 kilometres and it may also mean that a few riders who thought their days of victory line salutes was behind them a chance to get back onto the top step.

To cover off on some of the usual race day conversations:

If you get dropped from the neutral ride going up the hill – then I will not have any sympathy for you, because you obviously forgot to check your ego at sign off and chose the wrong grade.

I must point out that just because you as an individual aren’t winning, that doesn’t mean that everyone else should be in a higher grade or the course should be made easier. Not everyone can be a winner – we are not in primary school anymore. We will effectively have 6 grades for you to choose from.

I can’t race my usual grade today, I am a bit tired from my training ride yesterday. Not acceptable – perhaps you should think about that when deciding on Saturdays route. It is called preparation – that is what winners do.

I know I normally race B Grade in every other race venue I attend, but here I am only a C Grader – toughen up marshmellow man, races are meant to be tough, it isn’t meant to be a Sunday social until 1km to go. That is what Audax Sportifs are for.

Do I have to buy a one day licence? I have a silver licence from CAA silver licence is not a racing licence – that is why you saved so much money, there was a reason behind it – not that you got lucky. You need a GOLD licence to race otherwise a $30 one day licence must be purchased.

As usual our road race will be signing on from 7am for all grades down at the Akuna Bay Marina. There is plenty of parking available in the car park and there is a coffee cart and toilets available. Our race can send your heart rate rocketing from the roll out, so we do encourage riders to be warmed up and recommend that you consider parking around Terrey Hills and riding into the park, to ensure that you have had a good warm up prior to race start. Please be cautious on the descent down into the Park.

We would request that you do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park – this not only assists our marshalls when they head up there to set up for the finish, but also assists with our relations with the National Parks.

Grades will commence racing from 7:30am down at the Akuna Bay Marina. Typically the race times are as follows – A Grade roll out at 7:30am, B Grade 7:35, C Grade 7:45 and D Grade 7:50. The finish line will be at its usual place at Elvina Walking Track Carpark, West Head.

Entry fee is $10 if you have a GOLD 2012/2013 licence.

Essential Details:

$10 Entry – with a 2012/2013 licence

One day licences are available for $30 if you don’t have a GOLD racing licence

Race Date: 9 December 2012

Sign on from 7am and Race Start 7:30am – D’Albora Marina, Akuna Bay

Grades A-D – All clubs and riders welcome.

Please note that race approvals have not yet been confirmed for 2013.


  1. inrng

    Look to see Mitch Dixon and The Boss Reynolds step up to Hubbard B division.

  2. Stumpy

    Great post!
    I’ll see if I can rally a bunch of “flying carrots” to make the trip down.

  3. Camd

    “The Boss” must step up, no more sand-bagging in C. Watch out B grade!

  4. Chief Clipboard

    A Grade
    1. Andy Crawley (MWCC)
    2. Simon Coughlan – No club
    3. Jake Kauffman (MWCC)

    B Prestige
    1. Adam Socha (NSCC)
    2. Darren Byers (Randwick)
    3. Adam Kimberley (CCCC)

    B Hubbard
    1.Paul Edelstein (SCC)
    2. Niall Dyknes (SCC)
    3.Greg Reynolds (MWCC)

    C Prestige
    1. Ashley Stapley (NSCC)
    2.Lucas Laxale (MWCC)
    3. Rick Harman (Peloton)

    C Hubbard
    1. Phil Herborn (MWCC)
    2. Ben Sawers (DHBC)
    3.Jake Potgeiter (Peloton)

    D Prestige
    1. Stuart Roesler
    2. John Ward (MWCC)
    3. Craig Wotherspoon (MWCC)

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