As the mornings get colder and the evenings draw in only one thing can get you excited…..the cyclo cross season is back.  There was a new buzz at Sydney’s first cross event of 2013. After the incredible hard work of a small group of MWMTB and MWCC members, and great support of Dawson Sports in 2012 the word has spread and cyclo cross is definitely on the map, riders coming from Newcastle and Canberra to add to the fanfare.
The open race had Manly riders Jim Buda, Roger Shackleton, Craig Bryant and Roy Ditmarsh took to the line, with a record number of starters on MTB and cross bikes. Brad Prescott will no doubt be cashing in his winnings to buy a cross bike so he can get amongst it with the big boys after his win today.

The future champions race had fewer numbers than hoped after last years large numbers at the National event, but there were many who said they would be coming next time to add to the fun.

On to the main event and Johnny Miller, Gary Harwood, Sean Couley and Dave Watkinson were resplendent in there baby blue Manly kit lined up with another record field, among the favourites Newcastle winner Garry Millburn, Nick Both and our very own Danny Wright.

Here is a video of the days racing –

The start of a cross race is as much fun as you have with your clothes on and Jonny Miller and Dave Watkinson got amongst it rubbing shoulders with the big boys in the first lap. As things settled down, Gary Harwood made his through the other Manly boys before he had a Wiggo moment throwing his bike into the trees after a mechanical!

The short tight course was a change from some of last years courses, not technical but demanding sprinting out of 180 corners and trying to find maximum grip from the sandy grass. Jonny Miller was amongst a number who had crashes on the horse jumps and casualties were a plenty from the changing surfaces of an excellent course.

Gary Millburn broke the leading group on the penultimate lap, leaving Jon Adams and Scott Wines to fight it out for 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Check the photo gallery out –
Next event is Saturday 15th June.