Cyclocross Decider this Saturday 25 August

The MWCC and MWMTB HED Cyclocross series decider is on this Saturday. While the series winner may have already had their name engraved on the trophy that doesn’t mean we’re not racing, and there’s still sheep stations up for grabs in the minor placings where it’s mate against mate and one lone roadie verses a bunch of mountain bikers.

Despite a disastrous last round, Carl has an unassailable lead in the point score, but it gets interesting from 2nd to 4th, especially when the worst rounds get dropped.

So with no rounds dropped it looks like this

1   Carl Fokkema (MWMTB)  79
2   Dave Watkinson (MWCC) 58
3   Sean Couley (MWMTB)   51
  = Mick Hernan (ADCC)    51

Drop the worst round and things change around a bit

1  Carl Fokkema (MWMTB)   69
2  Mick Hernan (ADCC)     51
3  Dave Watkinson (MWCC)  48
4  Scott Wines (CORC)     45
5  Garry Harwood (CCOMTB) 41
 = Sean Couley (MWMTB)    41

Dave has been doing his best to hold up some roadie pride on his own in this strange sport that seems a fusion of both road and mountain biking. But if Scott Wines can keep the air in his tyres he could make a late charge on to the podium.  And with Mick and Dave finishing with in a place of each other all series so looks it’s on for a three way battle for 2nd place. 

For the other grades, and those a little futher down in Prestige CX I’ll get the point score up on the website later in the week.

So as per usual Registration opens at 8am and you can register up to 10 minutes before your grade starts.

8:30am STXC Div 1 (-30 min) (A/B Grades) STXC Div 2 (-20) (C/D Grades)

– all bikes MTBA Licences / MTBA Day Licences

9:30 Open Cross / Ladies Cross (-30 min total)

– all bikes CA/MTBA/BMXA Licences / CNSW Day Licences

10:10am Prestige Cross (-40 min total)

– CX or Road Bikes Only – disc brakes OK, 35mm tyres CA/MTBA/BMXA Licences /CNSW Day Licences

Still haven’t figured out what cyclocross is about? Rounds 3 & 4 of the Champion System SRAM National Cyclocross Series was covered on SBS Cycling Central on Sunday.  They’ll also be covering the final two rounds that we are hosting in September 29-30th.  So if you want to get your mug on TV this will be your chance and in 20 years time you’ll be able say you were there when it all began and you’ll certainly look cooler than this.

If that’s not enough racing in one day for you, Sutherland Shire Cycle Club are having their Annual Disco Dirt Crit on Saturday night. Think strobes, mirror balls, smoke machine and a sound track from the cassettes on the floor if Yeti rider Perrin Delacour’s van and you’ll have a little bit of an idea of what’s it’s about.  Get your lights charged and you best flared jump suit on.

See you on Saturday


  1. Carl

    Great race with tough course set by Rob and spectacular weather, very ‘uncrosslike’. Dominating performance by Scott Wines despite a leaky tyre again for last 2-3 laps.
    Thanks to MWMTB and HED for Series (and all the little helpers, you know who you are).

  2. chris miller

    Hey Guys, I stupidly picked up the wrong Foot Pump after the race (might have been something to do with the 3 falls I had). so if you’re missing a pump please let me and we’ll sort something out.

    Apologies again, and great job on the event rob,


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