Surprisingly this isn’t listed in the Velominati Rules  however this is an important rule that should be used by all riders on their group rides. When out on a group ride, remember your surroundings and 6am isn’t the time to be hollering and yelling out, like you are standing on Willunga Hill cheering on the TDU.

When out enjoying the sunrise take in the beauty of the morning or the calmness of the morning that comes with the work out and the smooth spinning of your legs. It has come to our attention that some riders seem to forget that not everyone plans to be rising at such an early time of the morning and seem to be using this opportunity to test out their opera voices.

Community relations are important and every time residents leave their house, they will already  be aware of the pothole in the road. They don’t need the 6am reminder of infrastructure failure with every single individual to be yelling ‘hole’, once the message has been raised,a simple point of the finger is sufficient.

Similarly the Northern Beaches don’t need to be made aware that you will see your riding buddies later and won’t be joining them for an espresso as the ride comes to an end.

Specifically, we are aware of a choir group going through Monash Parade from Dee Why Beach (which actually becomes Ozone Avenue). This group is particularly noisy on Tuesday mornings and ensures that they do their best to wake the neighbourhood every week, not with the creak of a dodgy bottom bracket but rather from the yelling within the group.


Now I know that some radio jocks and politicians think  that because we don’t carry ID, that we can’t be identified. Yet when you ride the same routes every day, at the same time, wearing the same kit, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out who you are.

So next time you are out on a ride, just like keeping the group tight and maintaining a quiet running bike, also ensure that you keep your vocal chords in check. Particularly be aware of your surroundings at the group meeting points. At 5:30am noise really carries, so keep it civil and similarly as the ride ends and moves back through Dee Why and Curl Curl, remember that plenty of people are still asleep and we don’t need to wake the world with you telling your mate your new heart rate record. This rule should apply on any of your rides.

By keeping it classy and restrained, you are not only ensuring that you maintain good community standards, you also keep it professional and to the high standards that we hold ourselves. You don’t want to be the person who helps create the next Boulie Tack bandit.

It isn’t just your bike that should be smooth and quiet.