The Club is hosting an informal club meeting on the 26th August at Market Lane Cafe. This is an opportunity for all members to come along in an informal setting to discuss any ideas or issues that they may have. Club Committee members will be there to answer any questions that you may have in a setting outside of the AGM. If not we can just talk about life.

The evening will kick off at 7:30pm and go for about an hour-hour and a half. All members are welcome to drop in and voice their thoughts on all things cycling. It will all be very informal, with us sharing a few drinks and nibbles inside the warmth of Market Lane Cafe.

Are you interested in taking over the running of our club races? Maybe you want to be the chief organiser of the CX or MTB but just want some more information as to what is involved. Maybe you want to take over the running of the Club Championships this year or you just want to come along and talk about your fantasy team in the Vuelta because your partner just isn’t interested in hearing about it at home. Or maybe you just want to pop in and say thanks to some of our organisers.


What ever you want to discuss or even just listen to others, then this will be your forum to raise it outside of our usual AGM meeting or bailing me up on one of our club rides. The only thing that won’t be revealed at the meeting is the identity of Grumpy Bob.

If you have anything specific that you would like answered and either can’t raise it at the meeting or would prefer that it be discussed without being identified, then please send through your questions prior to the meeting and I will arrange to have them aired on the night.

This is your club, so you are in control (or so we let you believe).

What: Club Meeting open to all members
Where: Market Lane Cafe, Manly
When: 26th August from 7:30pm
Cost: Free – Drinks and nibbles will be provided by the club