This one day club classic around Heffron Park will be an ideal way to spend your afternoon after racing our club race in the morning. This is your chance to race as a team and get a club member across the line. You must be wearing a club jersey in order to enter this event.

Heffron Park formed part of our club championship series this year and so it is only appropriate, that once again we return to the scene and dominate it. There is some big money available, so make sure you have your strategy and sprinting legs on – the pace is generally fast and furious in the first couple of laps – do you then try and get in a break away or wait for the last lap hail mary that can often be a messy and edgy lap as everyone jostles for position coming around the bend into the straight?

Don’t go too early on the straight – it is longer than it looks and many a rider has seen their legs fade in the dying metres. If you aren’t a sprinter – either get yourself in a breakaway or maybe you could work as the domestique working for someone else, setting the pace and bringing back the breaks? The strongest team can beat the fastest individual. Although make sure you don’t work for free!

 This day of racing is put on by Randwick Botany CC who host year round crit racing on Saturday afternoons at 3pm and our clothing supplier Champion System . It will certainly be a great afternoon of club racing. Entry is only $10 on the day and there will be men’s and womens prizes. As per the rules of the organiser RBCC – riders must be in their cycling club jersey in order to enter and compete in this event. Even if you are in a NRS team or in another registered team kit – these kits will not be suitable or eligible to enter this event. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. No club jersey – no start – it is that easy and Jo on the sign in desk certainly won’t be budging.

Get some teammates together and share in the cash prizes available.