A number of MWCC members (http://c3cyclists.com) are riding by bicycle 600 kilometres from Sydney, via the formidable Thunderbolt’s Pass across the Great Dividing Range, to Port Macquarie to raise funds to purchase a Child Resuscitation Unit for the Emergency Department at Port Macquarie Base Hospital. During this ride they are selling a limited number of tickets for a Garmin Vector Power Meter.

Why are they riding?

This Child Resuscitation Unit has an inbuilt oxygen outlet for instant access to resuscitate a baby immediately, which many of the older models do not have. A pulse oximeter is included, which monitors oxygen delivery to the baby. The unit also provides a warm environment which reduces stress on the baby for the best possible outcome.

This Resuscitation Unit will save lives, and as part of ‘Humpty’s Resus Rescue’, is an essential initiative to support hospitals in Australia with newborn babies in critical situations.

ONLY 100 tickets available!!**

1st Prize: Garmin Vector Pedal-based Cycling Power Meter
2nd Prize: Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera

First Prize: In the past, owning a power meter was a complicated process and often involved making mechanical tradeoffs for your bike. Vector changes all of that. Now you can walk into your local bike shop, walk out with a Vector power meter in hand, and then install it yourself in minutes. There’s no need for a mechanic, no downtime while your bike is in the shop. Plus, there are no complex drivetrain or wheel tradeoffs to consider and no external sensors to install. More information available here.


 Second Prize: A brand new Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera RRP $499
The VIRB Elite is a true HD 1080p action camera that combines enhanced HD video recording with Wi-Fi capability and advanced GPS functions like preset recording profiles. For example, the Ski profile automatically records during the run but pauses when you get to the bottom. VIRB Elite features a built-in 1.4” Chroma colour display that stays on when the camera is on, but uses minimal power. The display lets you easily setup/preview/playback video and adjust menu settings without detaching it from its mount. Record at 1080p for up to 3 hours with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And video enhancement features like Digital Image Stabilisation and Lens Distortion Correction ensure footage looks great, even before you start editing. More information available here.

Buy your raffle tickets here

Good luck to the riders on their journey.