Saturday morning rides always end well when you end up at Bacino at Manly.Whether it be after you have won the sprint at Palmy, been dropped climbing out of Avalon in the Coast to Toast or having just been for a spin with the Cruisers; lounging in a chair outside the shop allows you to take in the world.

The crowd at Bacino are long time sponsors and supporters of the club and on a Saturday morning you will regularly see a number of riders milling around the front or sitting in the chairs soaking in the sun, while they enjoy their post ride coffee and toast. You will often over hear riders telling each other- how little training they have been doing or how they need to lose a little bit more weight. So pretty much your typical club chat.

Bacino have a number of stores across the better half of Sydney – so whether you are at Manly, Mosman, Kirribilli, Dee Why, Clifton Gardens or North Sydney – there is also an opportunity to enjoy a Bacino coffee. Saturday the 27 of October will be the next morning that the Club will be putting on free coffee for its riders – so now you have a reason to get out of bed and get on the bike. Just be down at the Manly Bacino between 8 and 9am, spot the Club Secretary or if you are new to the club make yourself known to the riders sitting around in club kit (should be fairly noticeable) and you will be given the magic number. Then just pull up a chair and join in the banter.

Bacino and MWCC  keeping the world happy, one coffee at a time.