Akuna West Head 8 December Results

The final MWCC road race certainly brought out the big guns and with the last two months called off because of the weather, this time the riders were treated to perfect blue skies and racing conditions. It was a great way to finish off our 2013 road racing year and next year will only get bigger.

We knew that Sunday was going to be a big turn out, the only road racing course in Sydney and with a good weather forecast, the numbers were ticking over on our pre entry system. When pre entries closed off on Friday night, B Prestige only had 4 remaining spots and they were going to be quickly filled on the morning. The other grades were also filling nicely. For those that wanted to race B Prestige riders but hadn’t pre entered – they soon discovered they were looking at a star studded A Grade sign on or if they lack of experience warranted a drop into B Hubbard. If you want to guarantee your race start – I would recommend pre entry for all grades, otherwise you run the gauntlet on the morning.


Pre race nerves? No that is Martin Davenports train ride to the start – Saturday night drunks!


Guarantee your spot by using our pre entry system

It was a large turn out for most grades, but the time roll out came A Grade had reached its field limit and this was bolstered by a number of clubs sending their best riders to see if they could take the crown from the MWCC riders. Robbie Cater from RBCC was on the start list and given his recent dominance at Tuesday night Heffron, could he turn the success of his sprint and convert it on this hilly parcours? SuVelo and Albion St Cycles had a strong turn out within their racing squad and as usual we had our NRS riders from GPM Wilson, Budget Forklift and St George on the start line. Cadel Evans was seen out on course during the race, but he failed to pin on a number, perhaps knowing that if you want to win the Akuna West Head Classic you have to be in top form!


A Grade prepare for undulating 75km in front of them

In the end the field was treated to a brutal affair with the race splintering into a number of different groups by the end of the 75km race. A breakaway of riders got away which included the usual victor of Jake Kauffman from Budget but he was to be dropped from this elite field and in the end it was 2013 U/23 Australian team rider Richie Lang who would take the win just ahead of MWCC and part time Belgium Chris Jory of GPM. Michael Jaeger of Peloton was also up there with a third place.


The elite breakaway, including Masters gun Alex Gardner (4th wheel)

It wouldn’t be racing without a few riders riding below their usual grading and this meant a few balaclavas should have been worn on the podium – so check the results to see if you took the prize money but also scored yourself an upgrade that will be enforced next time you toe the start line. Also some riders have earned a promotion due to recent results showing an improvement in form. However overall most grades came down to a sprint finish between a select few riders who generally scampered away at the final turn around.


Up one side of the berg before down and back up the other side

It must be said that it appeared that only a few riders appeared willing to give it a go off the front on the day, while most riders seemed content to just sit in the bunch and roll around and hope that they could mix it up in the sprint. However if you know you can’t get over the last two bergs with the front markers, you won’t be winning the race, so it may be worth considering some new tactics and spicing up the racing.

Congratulations to a few riders who weren’t on the podium but deserve a mention – Lynne Clarke was the first female over the line after a strong ride in C Prestige. We also had some female U/17 riders in our D Grade race and while Ella Flazarano made the podium with a third (on a restricted gearing – which means she doesn’t have the smaller 11,12,13 cogs and a smaller big chain ring) there was also a young lady from St George who finished 5/6, so congrats to her for a solid performance.


Riders wait at the finish line

The next road race will be on 12 January – $15 entry – all riders will be required to show their 2014 Gold Licence or receipt of licence. There will be no day licences available in 2014 unfortunately.


A full field for B Prestige wait at the start line

Thanks for a great year of road racing, 2013 has seen our largest fields ever. Even with these bigger numbers we haven’t had a single trip to hospital or ambulance called out – this year or ever! So we are glad that everyone is enjoying our racing in a safe manner. Hope to see you all back in 2014 for bigger races, more prize money, prizes and great racing on the Northern Beaches. As always we are open to feedback on our races.

Thanks to those who volunteered their morning and all year, the commissaires who ran the events and all of those who assisted in 2013.

Want more MWCC racing? Why not try our Friday night crit series which is currently held every Friday night or if you want to race offroad on your Mountain Bike or Cyclo Cross bike come along to the MWMTB Wednesday Night Short Course Series, this Wednesday evening at the St Ives mini bike track at St Ives Showground. Check www.mwmtb.com.au for details

Results for 8 December

A Grade – 3 laps

1. Richard Lang (LACC)

2. Chris Jory (MWCC)

3. Michael Jaeger (Peloton)

A Grade

B Prestige – 2 laps non neutral climb from start

1. Alan Bransdon (Sydney CC)

2. Mitch Dixon  (MWCC) (A Grade Promotion)

3. Peter O’Connor (Easts)

B Prestige

B Hubbard – 2 laps neutral start climb

1. Matt Garnon (NSCC) A Grade Promotion

2. Alexis Kaless (MWCC) A Grade Promotion

3. Andy Logan (NSCC) B Prestige Promotion

B Hubbard

C Prestige – 2 laps non neutral start climb

1. Andrew Vos (Peloton) B Grade Promotion

2.Phillip Gray (MWCC) B Grade Promotion

3.Nigel Halpern (MWCC)C Prestige

C Hubbard – 2 laps neutral start climb

1.Brendan Cropper MWCC B Grade Promotion

2.Simon Anderson Easts B Grade Promotion

3. Sam Klippen SuVelo

C hubbard

D Grade – 1 lap neutral start climb

1. Greg Linsdell (MWCC)

2. Kenn Hedges (MWCC) C Grade Promotion

3. Ella Falzarano (MWCC)

D Grade



  1. Ange

    Ella Flazarano & Kaitlin Surgenor WU17 ride 7 metres per rotation most adults would be around 9 metres plus most 9.25. Good on you girls.

  2. Martinette

    Well done Ella – looking good!

  3. Paolo

    Well done to the young girls!

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