From the rigours of the World Tour, to the Saturday coffee ride your MWCC clothing has been tested and designed without compromise for the most discerning riders. MWCC products use the finest fabrics and components to create apparel and accessories that offer riders unrivalled levels of performance, comfort and style. 

MWCC understands that everyone has individual requirements and our 2017 collection will cater for all of your riding styles and conditions. Our Galleria of products provide a luxurious balance of versatility and style with the essential characteristic of MWCC.


The Race Collection
For 2017, our exclusive racing collection will be remaining the same design. While there may be some subtle changes in the materials and cuts based on 2017 contemporary updates, riders should see no discernible change. The different levels of clothing have been renamed – The Razor jersey our most popular jersey is now referred to as the Performance Jersey. The Carbon Razor is now part of the Apex Series. The same applies to the bibs – Razor is now Performance and Carbon Razor is Apex.

‘From the World Tour to West Head, the world’s most demanding races – require the highest standard of clothing’

The Apex jerseys are for riders wanting a World Tour tested jersey, a jersey that has ridden Grand Tours and would be at home on West Head. The Apex Jerseys are designed for marginal gains, tailored specifically for an extremely close fit, allowing minimal air resistant to create an aerodynamic product.

Redesigned for 2017, this garment was developed using wind-tunnel sessions with professional riders from Lampre Merida and then ridden by them at the world’s greatest races. A variety of different fabrics are used throughout the jersey. The shoulder, sleeves and rear panels feature a dimple fabric specifically designed for minimum drag. The same one-way “shark” fabric used on Olympic speed suits.

There are three jersey options in the Apex Collection – the standard Apex Jersey, the summer lightweight and an aero jersey. If you are moving from a standard Razor jersey, we would recommend that you go up one size. The Apex jerseys have been designed for the profile of a professional rider, please consider this when selecting your size. They are a tighter fit than the performance jerseys.

We have a select number of Apex Jerseys that have been cut in a slightly more “executive” cut that are available to purchase directly from MWCC. These jerseys are the same design with just more give around the stomach region.

The Apex Bibs have been designed to provide a fine balance between all day comfort and maximum performance. The Apex bib short is a very close, tight fitting bib short. Constructed with carbon thread in specific areas to ensure maximum compression which leads to optimal comfort and power output. The carbon has been infused on the leg gripper so as to provide firm compression for the thigh area ensuring muscles remain in a stable position and a secondary strip placed above the rear panel just under the bib assembly, that provides the bib short with stability across the back of the bib. CS Carbon fabric contains thermos-regulating properties, to keep muscles at optimum temperature for performance. As a result the bibs are suitable for intense criteriums or multi stage tours.


“Cycling isn’t a game, it’s a sport. Tough, hard and unpitying, and it requires great sacrifices. One plays football, or tennis, or hockey. One doesn’t play at cycling” – Jean de Gribaldy

Our most popular collection for the last few years, this podium winning collection has been the standard that MWCC has set, it has been our highest selling jersey and bib combination. If you have made a prior purchase from the club directly, this has been a Performance Jersey in a Race Cut and Performance bibs with the additional leg length and Gran Fondo chamois.

The Performance jerseys (previously Razor) offer two choices, the standard jersey and also the lighter summer jersey. Both the Apex and Performance summer jerseys have been developed for the hot and humid Sydney summers when riders strive to stay cool. This is a popular choice for riders who spend time during the season riding in countries such as Singapore and Indonesia or for riders looking for a super light jersey with maximum ventilation.

All jerseys for 2017 come with a zippered water resistant gear pocket with a reflective strip on the rear of the jersey.

The Performance bib are your standard cut of bib shorts, providing firm support where required and whether you are leading the group into Palm Beach on the Coast to Toast or on a recovery spin, these will be your ‘go to’ bibs. We recommend the additional leg length and Gran Fondo chamois.


“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days” – Unknown
Designed to last the years and be worn across the seasons, this jersey is a simple, yet classic jersey. Delivering the essentials in performance and functionality, with a subtle, pared-back design.

This jersey is a reminder of the days when the MWCC road races, use to commence at Warriewood before riders would ride up Mona Vale Road to Terrey Hills, before making their way along Forest Way, before turning down Wakehurst Parkway and coming back to Warriewood along Pittwater Road. The old club championship race was four loops of this course.

This jersey will be offered in the Tech Pro Jersey Only.


MWCC caters for the full cycling ensemble and riders can select what they require to have produced for them.

For riders racing cyclocross or racing the clock, we have a number of skin suits for riders to select from. All of the skin suits have been engineered for optimal aerodynamic performance with time spent in the wind tunnel to produce minimal wind drag. Please note that the club does not keep a supply of skinsuits and they are only ordered by individuals.

Further accessories include gloves, base layers and shoe covers. Please refer to the online store for all of our accessories. Please note that we have not displayed winter options in this offering, these are available on request and will be available for order later in 2017.

The club currently has caps, warmers and socks available for immediate purchase.


Please note that all previous orders have been completed in a ‘race cut’ for the jerseys, please refer to the inside collar of your prior jerseys for reference. MWCC have always ordered the additional leg length in the bibs, this results in a bib short approximately one inch above the knee. Our preference is the Gran Fondo Chamois.


Please contact Richard to find out more details on purchasing Club Kit. Email him at



In a first for a Sydney Cycling Club, Attaquer Cycling Clothing Company has been commissioned to produce a limited edition ‘Classicismo’ Manly range. This exclusive partnership reflects the status of Manly being at the forefront of Sydney cycling and is a perfect pairing between the two operations who are so passionate about cycling.

Attaquer is a brand that has been as identified as shaking up the cycling apparel industry; we appreciate that disruption model and have followed their rise. We want to inspire riders to not only enjoy their riding but enjoy the cycling culture.

Perfect as an off season riding kit for the racing rider and featuring Italian fabric this cycling kit blends high quality fabrics with performance. It has been designed to be a comfortable, highly technical training kit. This jersey will not be registered for racing in Cycling NSW Opens.

The kit will be based upon the Core range from Attaquer. We are expecting delivery to be mid to late January. We have currently sold out of our incoming order.




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