19 February HART Race Report

It was another steamy night at HART Crit racing as riders are now jostling for position on the leader board. The free kids training was almost as popular as the racing, so if your kids haven’t tried it yet, make sure you bring them along next Friday. The grade by grade wrap is contained within thanks to Drastic Measures for this report.

A+ Grade
This was a warm-up for the State Criterium Championships on Saturday night, one day they’ll run this at HART which is a far better course than Eastern Creek Dragway. Tristan Cardew was first to attack but was quickly brought back to the bunch. In form Marcus Culey was the next away and when he was joined by Alex Nazareicz that looked like the break of the night. Ex Budget Forklifts rider Michael Cupitt realised the danger and quickly got himself across to the front two. For once the Prime did not disturb the rhythm of the lead three as they rolled over the line with Michael taking the cash and points for the second week running. The procession continued until Michael dropped off the back with 3 to go but there was a big enough gap to the two remaining chasers so he could roll around easily for third.

1st Alex Nazareicz, MWCC
2nd Marcus Culey, NSCC
3rd Michael Cupitt, NSCC
4th Moe Kanj, Parramatta
5th Alex Gardener, Harlequin
Prime Michael Cupitt, NSCC

Points Score
Peter Livingstone 17
Marcus Culey 15
Alex Nazarewicz 14
Michael Cupitt 13


A- Grade
This started off at a very leisurely pace with B grade making ground in the early laps. Eventually Ian Cocks went off the front and was given the whistle for an early Prime, the bunch didn’t seem bothered and Coxy held his lead for an easy win before going back to the bunch for a breather. Jon Leighton was next away for a short lived break before Richard Biorkmann put in his own big effort. He lasted a lap and a half on his own before over cooking it into the left hander before the climb and hitting the deck. He took half a lap out and re-joined so the bunch was all together again. With four to go the smooth pedalling Coxy drifted off the front again, either he was just too quick or no one bothered to chase but he stayed away for a solo victory.

1st Ian Cocks, Bicisport
2nd Daniel Wright, Harlequin
3rd Dave Munro, Bicisport
4th Enrico Gaoni, RBCC
Prime Ian Cocks, Bicisport

Points Score
Ian Cocks 13
Evan Snow 11
David Blom 10
Conor Tarlington 9


B Grade
B grade was all about the Prime lap which split the bunch in half. Jon Herb took the Prime but couldn’t quite hang onto the others when they counter attacked; he got within 20 metres but was eventually left riding in no man’s land between the two groups. As the finish approached the two older guys in the lead five surprised the three juniors and forged a break. The juniors looked at each other, thought about the points series and decided that marking each other was more important than the win. Instead they fought out the minor places proving that sometimes it is better to race rather than think too much.

1st Ben Daley, SUVELO
2nd Dave Yonge, MWCC
3rd Jack Renshaw, NSCC
4th Rohan Douglas, NSCC
5th Jamie White, Peloton
Prime Jon Herb, NSCC

Points score
Jack Renshaw 18
Jamie White 13
Rohan Douglas 13
Ben Daley 11.5
Jon Herb 10


C Grade
Media star Jim Buda added a bit of glamour to this race but the constant round of interviews during the week had obviously taken its toll and he was dropped after two and a half laps. In spite of this he seemed pleased with a 40% improvement over last week. Mike Paxton, in his first ever race, was also off the back but unlike Jim he gamely kept going cheered on by his son from the sidelines. The Prime lap split the bunch with Kevin Hazeldine and David Lavery riding away followed by a solo Jeff Tam. The procession continued all the way to the finish with two, then one, then two, then stragglers.

1st David Lavery, MWCC
2nd Kevin Hazeldine, MWCC
3rd Jeff Tam, Parramatta
4th Robin Vandekreeke, MWCC
5th David Hampton, Marconi
Prime Kevin Hazeldine, MWCC

Points score
David Hampton 19
Jeff Tam 16
David Lavery 15
Kevin Hazeldine 12

The points score is 2 for signing on, then 5,4,3,2,1 for the first 5 over the line plus 2 for the Prime. Riders moving up a grade take half their points. Racing continues for two more Fridays until 4 March. Unfortunately we cannot get the track on the 11th and 18th and after that it is dark too early.

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