The mid week mini off road series was tearing up the St Ives Mini Bike Track last night. There were plenty of racers from juniors, womens and the elites, some were on cyclo cross bikes or various mountain bikes. In the end Garry Milburn would reign supreme.

After a busy weekend of racing either National at the Subaru National MTB Series Round 2 at Mt Buller or the AMB 100 at Mt Stromlo rider numbers were a bit down but 48 riders still lined up to race a slightly modified course for round 4 of the Summer Short Track Series.


 Race 1 U15, C Grade Men & B/C Women.  
Joe Ward took the holeshot with Matthew Osborne trying the sneaky inside line, but the pace of those who took to the berm saw him shuffled back to 4th, behind Didier Suzor and Luke Routledge.  Coming into Lap 2 Luke made his move on Joe and maintained that lead for almost the entire race, only briefly being passed by Matthew on the bell lap.

In the U15 Jack Virgona was unchallenged as mechanical issues plagued both Sam Weld and Silvan Bluett.  Sam was able to chase back on to get 3rd with Erik Vetisch 2nd

Fiona Dick was able to do what her partner Joe couldn’t and led the women from start to finish.  Kelly Mapleston kept the racing close early on but faded towards the end of the race.  Meanwhile Wendy Stevenson was able to grab third places from Alissan Sera after crashing on an early corner on the first lap.


Race 2 A Women , B Grade Men

With no other A women to Race Zoe King jumped straight into the middle of the B men field and showed glimpse of the form that saw her racing World Cups a few years ago.  At the front of the race it was Jacob van Egmond all the way almost ready to start knocking on the A grade door, with Cameron Smee second after a slow start and Nigel Hoschke 3rd.

Race 3 A Men, CX Bike

Coming back from injury Garry Milburn showed a patience he’s not normally known for and was quite happy to sit in on Michael Potter for the most of the race before making his move on the last lap, taking advantage of the extra traction afforded by his dualie to accelerate out of one of the final corners to put Michael back into 2nd.  Brad Prescot, couldn’t quite hold the pace of these two but was clearly a class above the rest of the field in 3rd


In the CX with Rob Parbery getting caught starting on the 2nd row nobody was able to come close to Tom Patton for the holeshot and from their he showed form expected of a NRS rider and rode away from the field.  Early on Brent Dawson lead the chase, but as one of a few riders backing up from B grade was quickly overhauled by Sean Marshall who finished a solid 2nd while Sean Couley completed the podium.

The next round will be Wednesday March 12th and this will be the final race in the series.


A Men
1. Garry Millburn (TORC)
2. Michael Potter (WSMTB)
3. Brad Prescott (TORC)

A Women
1. Zoe King (MW)

CX Bike
1. Tom Patton (MW)
2. Sean Marshall (MW)
3. Sean Couley (MW)
First Lady Lizanne Wilmot (St George CC)

B Men
1. Jacob van Egmond (CCOMTB)
2. Cameron Smee (MW)
3. Nigel Hoschke (MW)

B/C Women
1. Fiona Dick (SCUM)
2. Kelly Mapleston (TORC)
3. Wendy Stevenson (MW)

C Men
1. Luke Routledge (MW)
2. Matthew Osborne (MW)
3. Joe Ward (SCUM)

1. Jack Virgona (DAY)
2. Erik Vetisch (NSC – day)
3. Sam Weld (NSC – Day)

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