Come off road with MWCC at our Wednesday night mid week mountain bike racing on 2 December. The 1.7km loop will have something for everyone and like all our courses we will be looking to test everyone. This will be the first of four races over summer, so come along for some off road action!

Why should the roadies have all the fun and all the races? The summer mid week series further expands the offering by MWCC. We must almost apologise for offering so many options to riders, whether it be our West Head Road race, Friday Night HART racing, The Wall handicap race, Terrey Hills Cyclo-cross and now our mid week mountain bike racing, we ensure that there is plenty of reason to keep buying bikes and to keep racing them.

The four dates for summer are 2 December, 13 January, 10 February and 9 March.


With the lose of the short course track at the showground and difficulties with access to Terrey Hills, many would have simply assumed that there would be no more racing, but we kept looking, kept testing and kept asking and we have now come up with a course that we think will please all riders.

The 1.7km loop will take place around the HART Driver Training Centre, Mona Vale Road, St Ives. Riders will be able to sign on at HART, with plenty of parking available on site. There are also toilets and water available on site.

Riders will be able to sign on from 5:45pm, with access to the course from 6pm. Racing for Grades B and C will start at 6:30pm and A Grade will start at 7pm.


The course will be suitable for mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Will someone think of the children!? We have. Just like our Friday night Crit races we will also be hosting free kids skills sessions and training while the racing is on. So bring the kids and their bikes and have some free babysitting while you race and we hand them back at the end, with a skill for life and a greater enjoyment and confidence riding their bikes. Everyone is a winner.

Race Details:

Entry $15 on the night with a MTBA licence. Day licences available on the ight for an additional $20

C GRADE 15MIN + 1 LAP 6.25PM
B GRADE 20MIN + 1 LAP 6.25PM
A GRADE 25MIN + 1 LAP 7.00PM
KIDS SKILLS on skid pan area.